Delay on my phone

I have a delay on my phone when using the cam pan V3. The first time I move it or something walks by it it’s instant but after a couple times there’s up to 26 second delay. So I can rotate it one way and it will literally take between 10 to 30 seconds for the camera to actually move on my screen. I have an Android phone and I have good Wi-Fi does anybody have any solutions?

Yes it’s been that way like we back in time like AOL days dial up and can’t fix if so we’ve become all testers and pay for it

You may need to put the Wyze cam live feed in the lowest quality setting. At say 1080p it can have a major delay. At the lowest it should be an incredible amount better such as like 0.x-3 seconds or something like that.

The wifi signal quality might also affect it.

I should probably add that I’ve not done further tests on that. I don’t think using Alexa plugin has that issue.

There might be something else going on there too such as a slow server that it connects to, firmware, or whatever. But, I have seen lowering the quality in the Wyze app heavily affect the time to display in there.

Edit: Current test has the cam at 1080p in the Wyze app at about 1 second delay. So, it seems to be something at times where higher quality there gets delayed further from lower quality. What that something is? There’s too many possibilities. These cams are tied into too many things that could do it. Even processing of the video for motion detection etc could potentially delay it heavily.

I have no idea all the ways of how their servers are all tied into it. The events are obviously part of that since they will show up there online. What can cause delays when servers are slow, etc just no idea due to the amount of possibilities like I said.

The idea of these creating a local device loop is skewed too since they’re not RTSP devices. They were designed to connect to servers on the internet. I’m not getting into that mess or anything else here.

Dropping the quality should improve it for you. That’s all I’m getting into with this.