Camera moves on command, picture feedback takes 20+ seconds

When I move the camera I can see it respond almost instantly. WiFi connection shows 89%. But the picture I receive takes 20+ seconds to receive.
This makes it impossible to set the waypoints when setting up the Pan feature.
Also, moving the camera to set a position is simply impossible because, after two or more unsuccessful attempts, it then goes to the max and stays there… until it decides to move again.
I’m beginning to think it’s a problem with the camera itself.
Please help. Wasted about 3 hours already.
I just discovered that if I set the video quality to 360 it responds much faster.
Would like to see a Camera Home Setting. Tried setting detection setting in Pan view and it didn’t work, setting Pan Scan and Motion Tracking and deselecting them … It didn’t work. We need a “home” setting. Could Reset Position under Motion Controls/Advanced Setting do it?

I am having the same problem. 2 cameras both move when you push direction on phone. takes 20-30 sec before pic on phone catches up. I have an android 5.1, still waiting feedback from wyze. I share with others, they can move my cameras perfectly. They both have iphones. any info let me know. WAC

Just installed my pan cam on Friday and it has the very same problems!

What version of the app are you running


There are known issues with that version of the app that they are currently working on, I would recommend rolling back to the 2.4.82 version which I have linked below. Make sure to unistall the current version before installing the older version.


I discovered that if I set the video quality to 360 it responds much faster. The lag time is now only a few seconds.

This is usually a function of your wifi. A strong signal will support the increased load of higher definition transmission better.
Lots of factors come into play here. Router capacity, distance of cam from router, channel selection on router, your wifi load, surrounding wifi’s demands on channels - It’s a can of worms.
There are numerous wifi analyers, many free, that will let you see strength of signal at specific spots -I use one called Wifi Sweetspots. (IOS).
Wound up relocating my router after seeing where my coverage was strong and weak due to things like double walls, chimneys, metal objects,etc.

Another thing to keep in mind, IoT commands sent from the app to the camera are on a different channel than the video feed is. So, you are going to see some delay in the feed after a command is sent to the camera. :slight_smile:

I’m having that issue as well. Interesting thing: when I use the app tinyCam Monitor PRO to watch the video feed, there is no lag. I only have this issue when using the Wyze app!

One more thing, in my case, the issue is only with the VIDEO feed. The audio comes through almost immediately.

Now my 3 day old pan shows on,but it wont connect.
Worked fine with new version app, changed to the old app, same stuff.
Router signal is great, tried changing the router channel, nothing helps.
Will be going back to Home Depot for a refund.