Pan/tilt slow responce

When i use the controls to move the camera , it appears to move but the video on the app is very slow to update to the new location it was moved to.

shouldn’t it be faster. i am talking several seconds like 20 sec delay.

The connection speed can play a part in the latency between the camera and the app.


I’d suggest trying it with your phone on same local network as the camera. If it is much faster there, then that would confirm @mixonepa’s reason.

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sorry yes i am on my local wifi network. using ios and android devices.

Was your problem resolved?

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Hi all! I have searched posts and found lots on lag but not quite like mine so I thought I would ask. When I bring up my camera on the phone and swipe it to move, the camera moves right away. But the move does not show up on the screen for like 15 seconds. Clock also seems to struggle jumping around. I have uninstalled software and reinstalled, reset cameras and reset router to no avail. Been weeks now. Everything else in house seems to be fine in regards to wireless connection (fire stick, alexa, computers and printers…) Any suggestions?

Welcome to the community, @johnmurphy33161. I have moved your topic to a currently existing one on the same subject. :slight_smile:

I believe this is normal, my pan does the same,

This effect is due to the fact that moving the Pan camera in the app is done via IoT commands, which are accomplished on a different channel than the video streams from the camera. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys…but mine has never done this until a couple of weeks ago…time has always been spot on and I could move the camera and watch the video move instantaneously ever since I got the cams. Plus, my clock would SOMETIMES have to adjust a second here
or there, but now it does that like crazy and on the other hand it then it takes 4 or 5 seconds real time for a second to pass cam time. I could watch my dog in the window and it would be smooth as silk…now she moves in chunks. So Dread…what do you suppose
would cause such a drastic change in the video stream from the camera?

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I am having the same issue as johnmurphy33161.

My wyze cam pan had a video delay/lag of 3 to 5 Seconds which I thought was acceptable.

Immediately after accepting the last update my lag increased to between 20 and 30 seconds.

This I do not find acceptable.

I contacted tech support but that was of no use. I could not get them to understand that my home network did not change in the 15 seconds I was updating there camera but their camera did change and now it does not work near as well as it did.

Does anyone know how to revert back to the software before the last update? I am 99.9% sure that would fix my problem.

Thanks for the backup shoestring. I too feel strongly this was due to an update and hope to have more folks chime in with the same issue so we might be heard.

What version of the app are you running and is it Android or iOS

Version is on Android
Sorry version is 2.5.30

This is most likely caused by the new update that has problems.
The wyze team is working on a fix for this, in the mean time Android users can roll back to the previous app version.
You can find the file V2.4.82 in the link , be sure to uninstall the current app before installing the previous

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Installed 2.4.82 and now have a lag of 0.5 second.
That is much better.
Thank you for your help


My issue is also resolved with this rollback.


What the Mavens mentioned probably caused your issue. Sometimes I forget with my slow internet (12 down and 5 up), that I have become accustomed to the lagged response from my cameras, and my experience is way different than some other members here. BTW, that speed is on a good day. For context, here’s a recent speed test I did.

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Bringing this back from the dead because i just got the wyze pan cam and for some reason there’s a 15-20 second delay controlling the camera on my phone, but zero or very, very little delay controlling the camera on my wifes phone. She has a samsung 7 and i have a cheap LQ.

Hello! Has this been resolved? Using iOS devices. Roughly 10 second delay on all devices. WiFi speed of 200MB using local network. Never used to be this much delay, but started several months ago and now just getting to asking for advice or resolution (I assumed this would be fixed with version update, but apparently not). Thank you.