Wyze Cam V3 has a 30 second delay

I am using the Wyze cam V3 with my home WiFi and an Android phone. I have a fast Google Fiber WiFi. The picture on my phone has a 30 second delay so it is useless for a front door camera. Is there anything I can do to remove that delay?

Does the product named “Wyze Video Doorbell Pro” have a delay? I need a real-time front door camera.

Just clarify, when you click on Live View does it take 30 seconds to initially load or when viewing Live View is there a 30 second delay from the real time motion?

Good question. I watch the live feed in the Wyze App and there is a clock on the screen, the clock and the live video is always 30 seconds behind the true time which I can watch on a separate phone or computer. This means people knock on my front door and there is nothing on the live video for 30 seconds when I then see them knock on the door. I need a front door camera with no delay.

My Live Stream lags about 1 second behind real time. Not sure why your delay is 30 seconds. Here are my firmware and App versions if it helps.

V3 firmware
Android App 2.44.5 (330)
IOS App 2.44.5 (3)

Test your cams by producing movement while you are in the frame live streaming on your phone. Wave your arms. How long from your wave till you see it on the live stream? That is the true latency.

Your timestamp on the cams may just be 30s off. Open each cam, Settings, Advanced Settings, scroll down, Sync Time. See if that realigns the time of the timestamp to the time on your phone. Make sure your phone is also properly updating its time from the carrier network correctly and isn’t off by 30s.

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