Wyze cam v3 android app takes about 3 to 4 seconds to acquire a live video stream - too long?


Sometimes (rarely) it takes only 1 second to show the live-stream, but typically takes 3 to 4 seconds.
I have 4 of these cameras running on an internet connection that as 30 mbps download (5 mbps upload) speed. My android phone is in the same LAN as the cameras. Also, it doesn’t make any difference in time if the camera/phone is close/far from my router.

Is this normal? Any ideas on how to improve how fast it acquires the live-stream?

Thank you.

The delay is due to the authentication platform.

Think of it this way

V3 <> Authentication Platform <> Wyze App

V3 <> Authentication Platform <> Alexa

The middle man, the Authentication Platform, is handling the connection. You are not connected directly to the V3.

Bluetooth is a direct connection, but only good for local connections.

Connecting to my Ring doorbell takes a lot longer.

Sounds pretty normal to me?

Also, minor clarification, after initial authentication, you ARE streaming directly from camera to phone.


Is there any way to disable that Authentication Platform?

I am not sure you understand. The only way to access your account is to log in. The only way to access your linked devices is authenticate the user accessing them, There has to be a middleman to control access. I hope you use 2FA and prefer a minor delay, versus anyone being able to hack into your devices

Even with a direct connection to the commercial cameras I sell, install and maintain I have direct access over a private network and No Authentication.

It will still take 2-10 seconds to make a connection and display live video, this is due to a multitude of reasons such as the connection speed, pingtime, number of hops to server, etc. I have when remotely accessing the camera. These are professional cameras such as the WTI Sidewinder or Viper IP cameras, Or CoHu IP cameras.

Accessing a camera via internet (IP) is not like a Closed Circuit TV system with cameras video over coax, the video is encoded and compressed and then sent over a network where it is decompressed to be viewable. So even high-end cameras do not provide an instantaneous connection and at best maybe 0.7 seconds would be the fastest under ideal conditions, and this is without authentication,

1-6 seconds is very reasonable for any authenticated camera video in my opinion

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We’ve certainly lowered our expectations in embracing the brave new digital world. From waiting 10 seconds for a doorbell view to waiting 5 seconds while a changed TV channel tunes in to the annoying voice lag on even the best phone connections, in some ways the modern world is worse.

A few years ago I had re-purposed a Samsung S4 as a front-door monitoring-cam, accessible via the WAN. I’m still using it. Even when at home I connect to it using its WAN IP address, not the LAN IP address. Doing so I can acquire the video feed in less than a second, consistently. It makes me think the Authentication infrastructure could be faster. Or give the option to disable Authentication in the camera itself. I know, for C$50, I shouldn’t expect too much.

Thanks for your response!

I don’t think it necessarily has to have that middleman. I disconnected my modem so there was no internet feed to my router, yet I was still able to connect to the video feed. So it must be an IP cam.

This cam points at the steps of my front door, so I’m not worried much about security.

Thanks for your reply!