Video Delay Wyze Cam Outdoor WVOD1

I bought this camera last week. It is connected to a new strictly IOT dedicated 500+ mbps capacity at 2.4ghz, 4 stream modem which has only 6 devices linked. The camera says it has a full signal. It’s taking at least 10 seconds for video to show a “live” image. Audio is a second or two delay. I have adjusted image quality to 480p. What does it take to get a Live image?

The more frustrating part of this is that I can’t be the only one with this issue but it’s taking efforts and time beyond the camera’s worth to troubleshoot.

I have 4 WCO and they all will open life feed in about 2-3 seconds & all are set to record HD, I have record sound turned off, they are outdoors. Furthest cam from the base is 43 feet, second 40 feet, third 35 feet and the last is 15 feet. My simple cable modem/router has 100 down and 6 up. My base is connected via ethernet. Is your base connected via Wi-Fi or ethernet? Which firmware versions are you using, I’m currently using the November 2021 version for both base and cam.

Router is connected to a 1GB fiber optic internet connection.
Base is connected by Ethernet with the cord which came with the unit.
Cam firmware 4.172.40
My device isn’t any further than yours and reports a strong signal.

The only difference I see is the cam firmware. I had on my cams for a few weeks and all the cameras recorded at double speed at night with night vision on, like a 12 second video in 6 seconds. I changed the firmware back yesterday to to correct that. Even when I had the firmware on them they would connect in 2-3 seconds. I’m using an iPhone with app 2.27.34, the latest android app is 2.27.33. Have you tried clearing the cache in the app, force close and restart the app? Other than that I am out of ideas. My signals look like this.

My signal is the same as your 3. I restarted my device earlier today.

Log out of app then back in,power cycle your router

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Router & base station?