Delay on live view

Is anyone having a delay on the Cam v3, along with not being able to connect to wifi?

Less than 2 seconds delay.

From my camera group, it takes about 2 seconds after I click on a V3 to display it in single live view.
The V3 Pro takes about 5 seconds.
The Battery Cam Pro takes about 9 seconds.
The Doorbell Pro takes about 6 seconds.
The Doorbell V1 takes about 4 seconds.
The V2 cameras take about 3 seconds.
All at highest resolution offered.
I have logged out and back into the Wyze app recently and cleared the Wyze app cache recently too.
I have the Xfinity FAST plan which is supposedly 400/10. Realistically though 260/11.

Are you connected to the same wifi network as these cameras? Or are you connected via mobile data when testing this?

This would matter if you are connecting to the cameras from not on the same wifi as the cameras. What about your wifi network equipment? What do you have? You can have the fastest internet connection, but if you have a bad wifi network then that would cause lots of problems.

My Wyze equipment is sequestered on a separate 2.4ghz router. The only devices on that router are Wyze. They have a different IP address range than my main router which is an 802.11ac router (my phone connects to this 5ghz router).
I am not complaining about the way this is working, I was just giving examples to the original poster. Mine works fine over local wifi, Boost Infinite (T-Mobile), and over AT&T in my vehicle too.

My only complaints currently are:
On my V3 Pro cameras when I click on the settings gear and then click on “spotlight settings”, the app either hangs then goes back to the device menu or crashes back to Android 14. My workaround is to turn on the spotlight from the camera view, then click on the settings gear then “spotlight settings” (has been confirmed by Wyze).
On Cam+ Unlimited event playback I am one of the customers that experiences stuttering playback because I have “record sound” turned off under advanced settings on the V3 and V3 Pro cameras. My workaround is to playback at 4x speed (on Fix-it Friday).

When you say delay, do you mean the amount of time from selecting a camera before the display comes up, or the amount of time behind real time that the display is showing. My answer above was for the latter, but I’m pretty sure muerte33’s answer was for the time from selection to display coming up.

I meant the time from selection to display, but I see what you mean. The original poster could mean that the time on the camera clock is different than the time on the phone. If that is the case, my answers would not be very useful! :slight_smile:

One my v3’s is actually two seconds ahead of everything I have on my network. It’s pretty weird.

I mean delay as in the time something is recorded to the time it shows me in the app. How much longer before they figure this crap out. Wish I never downloaded that last firmware update. My camera worked perfect and now it works like garbage and still disconnects randomly and it’s a 50/50 chance it will do it automatically. I’m about fed up with buying garbage.

As I said, the camera view on my phone is less than 2 seconds from reality.