Camera view take for ever to load up

almost everytime I review my camera it takes a long time for the video to load up and a lot of times it will time out.
This gets very frustrating

who else has this problem?

Live view or event videos? I have no issue with either, just 2-3 seconds to load. I have a good signal to the three V3 cams. Screenshot of one:

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Welcome to the User Community Forum @dcurry1983!

As @Antonius indicated, signal strength between the cam and the WiFi Router is very important for Live Viewing while the cam and your device are on the same network.

Also important is the signal strength between your device and the WiFi Router and the number of client devices you have on the 2.4GHz WiFi Band. Many older routers get bogged down with too many client devices on the low WiFi Band.

If your loading delay is in viewing Event Videos while your device is on your WiFi, then your ISP download speeds will come into play as those are cloud events saved and download streamed from the Wyze Servers.

If you are Live Viewing or Event Viewing from your cellular service, your ISP upload speeds (Live View) and your LTE\4G\5G download speeds come into play. I am on a bargain basement wholesale reseller annual cellular plan and I regularly get deprioritized speeds because I am not a first tier network customer.