Wyze v3 loads so slow for live video compared to my v2

Anyone else having same issues?

I have seen others report this same issue in the forum. I have the complete opposite experience. In that my v3 live stream opens far faster than my v2s or outdoor cam.

Is your v3 further away from your WiFi router / access point than your v2s? Maybe there are more walls or other things interfering with the WiFi signal when it comes to your v3 placement. What happens if you set your v3 right next to your v2? Does the v3 still open a live stream connection slower than the v2?

Just throwing out ideas…

I replaced the old v2 for all new v3 same location my v2 were in. It’s so bad I have to restart the v3 to make show live feeds again.

Hmm, I’m sorry I do not have any ideas other than to say hopefully this is addressed in a future firmware or application update.

Maybe others can chime in and share some ideas?

Initially for about the first 10m of use but it’s perfect now and starts about as quickly, if not faster than my V2s. I had 3 V2s outside and my V3 replaced one of them above my overhead garage door. Maybe something’s interfering with your wifi signal to the V3. What kind of router do you own? (Brand and model). Newer routers use beamforming technology that focuses the wifi signal on the specific device vs. just blanketing the area. It will help to reboot the camera and the router, perhaps power cycle the router for 60s. Other than that, all I can think of is that you’re using something bigger than the 32GB microSD card recommended. Some cameras will work with the higher storage, but strange things can happen with the camera firmware. Finally, it could just be a faulty camera. I would set it up close to the router and check and move it further out slowly until you’re at the problem spot to see what happens.

Good Luck! Let us know if you find what was causing the issue or what the fix is.

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Or doesn’t load at all. The v3 worked for me till the first firmware “update”.
My use case has been reported to Wyze, but they are of no help, they just keep telling me to start over.
I put my v3 in the exact location as the v2, I have tested the Wi-Fi signal strength on my phone (there are many apps for this for Android). This only impacts livestream, the event recording is still working perfectly. For the price, I don’t want to get too picky, but I don’t really appreciate the way Wyze has blown off my input for an investigation, then I saw this on this forum.

There’s a new V3 firmware that supposedly addresses the V3’s slow loading. Make sure you have the latest version.

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Yep, I keep it current, it’s how it got broken! :slight_smile:

Things that can make it work for a time or two:
Force closing the app,
Restarting the camera.
Restarting the router.
Closing the app and restarting it.
Turning the camera off/on with the app
Unplugging/plugging in the camera (not the same as turning off and on through app)

I can confirm that the newest update has helped a lot.

OK, just making sure.

I just set up several V3s and when it asks to “upgrade” the firmware, it upgrades to version .228.

That’s not the latest V3 firmware. The latest is .252.

The V3’s are weaker as far as WiFi compared to a V2
So if the camera has a weak signal it takes longer to load the live video.
This has been my experience, the cameras in weaker WiFi coverage areas load slower than the ones with good WiFi signal.

Not my experience. I have a V3 at the farthest corner of the house and it loads just as fast as any V2.

It probably depends on your WiFi. What most people don’t realize is that the WiFi devices that ISPs supply are not very good

Then you likely have good WiFi in that location.

The weak location I speak of has Only 1 bar of signal strength on a V2, and No bars on a V3

Tried 3 different V3’s and All had No bars of signal strength, The V2 had 1 bar

You are comparing “My Apples” to “Your Oranges” so to speak, was your test done using signal strength as a reference?

(Edit: not an ISP supplied Wireless Access Point)

I can assure you it’s not just the location. I still have the ISP-supplied WiFi. A V2 that used to be there, disconnected intermittently with the old WiFi. That’s why I upgraded to a better WiFi.

Sorry you don’t understand the point I am making that the V3’s have slightly less signal on WiFi than V2’s do. Obviously different chipsets and antennas in the different models, others have noticed and posted about the same signal strength of V2 vs. V3

I do not have an ISP supplied WiFi, Never had signal issues with my 12 cameras that were V2’s swapping in V3’s I have noticed the difference. Will have to expand my WiFi by adding another WAP since the V3 has less signal strength. My Neighbor is upgrading his V2’s to V3’s also and noticed same thing…

My furthest camera on my driveway is 160 feet from WAP, but has clear line-of-sight so the V3 works there, the problem zone is actually closer but does not have a clear line-of-site from WAP that the driveway does

There was another post here by someone who measured voltages.

He found out that the V3s are very susceptible to voltage variations and it manifested as “connection” problems.

The later V3 firmware compensated for this, that’s why there are fewer complaints now. Which is why I posted the above about the “latest” firmware version during setup being not, the latest.

@Ciangi, Have you tried the Beta FW and App? I experienced issues in the past, but now it loads quickly and don’t notice any issues while streaming.

I joined the Beta Testing for FW and Apps sometime ago.

I am setup as follows:

  • Device Android 11 Pixel 5
  • App Version: 2.18.12
  • V3 Cam Version:

you can join the Beta Test group and see if the latest products correct your issues, if you are interested go here: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

I’m not the one with the problem. I’m trying to help another poster.

I realized… I clicked on the wrong reply button. I added the individual in the response.


Thanks but I don’t know If I can trust beta testing to many bugs I’ll just wait for a public release