Wyze v3 loads so slow for live video compared to my v2

Yeah, from shipped v3 firmware to latest greatest requires two rounds of updates

It seems the v3’s are VERY iffy on their wireless connection - I have a mesh system (Asus), and 2 of the cameras won’t connect 10 feet away through a single wall (they have connected once in a great while, as in <10% - so I know it’s working - just very poorly).

My signal is -45dB to -50dB (as tested by separate signal meter), well within the range any normal device should work with (-58dB is generally considered the low point for 2.4GHz, so this is ~10x stronger). I even managed to tweak the router+antennas’ orientation so that changed to -38dB to -42dB - almost 100x stronger than “minimum” - and still it never re-connected. So there is definitely something wrong with some units.

I got fed up with spectrum router/modem and went out and bought the new Ariss surfboard s33 modem and just setup the new Tp-link Deco x60 mesh system and damn all my v3 work perfect now and I don’t dropped signal and fast loading. This is the only second day with no problems we will see.

Many of the newer routers have only one SSID, yet they still have 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi and 5GHZ Wi-Fi. I find these cameras have issues connecting and staying connected to those type of configurations. One thing that you may be able to do is turn off your 5GHZ setting in your router temporarily and go through the Wyze setup again, thus forcing them on the 2.4GHZ ban. If that’s not an option, you may have an old cell phone or tablet lying around that is 2.4GHZ only. You can go through the Wyse setup with one of those which will force it on the 2.4GHZ band. I used an old cell phone I had that only has 2.4GHZ and it helped tremendously with the cameras staying on the right band with the right SSID.

I had the TP-Link P7, had some issues with not connecting or dropping to 0 Kbps, I also purchased the Deco X60 system. Removed the FiOS gateway Router and am only using the X60’s. Been running for a few weeks now, 100% better. Everything seems to work better than before. I just put in the 3rd Mesh AP and will see how it goes with all 3 in place.

I have no issue at all with my Tp-Link mesh system with Wyze.

I have not had an issue as of yet (fingers crossed :slight_smile: ). My Wyze products connect to the Mesh Network as 2.4Ghz. I can even set them up while my phone is on 5Ghz. Seems like my experience so far is better than others. As indicated in a previous post, I did have some issues with my P7 Mesh, but was still able to pair and use the Wyze Product in that environment as well. However, the new X60’s seem to not cause the same issues I have had before. Will monitor to see as I still have the old setup.

The “Turning off 5G” is a partial myth on the Interwebs: this only applies to devices that support both 2.4 and 5GHz bands. The Wyze Cams only support 2.4G (like the majority of IoT devices), because it’s cheaper, better range, and the bandwidth needs are low. So these devices can’t even see the 5GHz network if they tried. It’s like saying “turn off your AM radio transmitter to make your FM radio work better”.

HOWEVER: if your 5GHz network has a different SSID than your 2.4G network, and your PHONE is connected on 5GHz, then it might try to pass the wrong SSID to the IoT device (if that’s how they implemented their setup process).

My mesh is all on the same SSID, on both bands.