Slow wyze cam v3

I’ve been having issues since I updated my wyze v3 to latest version. It is slow to to load live stream and it says 0.0 kbs beside HD. In device info it shows my signal strength is 3 bars. I get motion notifications like 30 mins later. I’ve deleted the device multiple times and done setup again so many times but the issue remains. I’ve reset my internet 5 times and the issue still remains. The wyze cam is about 3 weeks old. Is anyone having the same issue?

You need to sign out of the app and then back in your haveing an hardware issue

Still having the same issues. It worked fine before update

Power cycled the camera? What actual firmware version is on the camera now? What actual app version are you using?

It seems to be working fine now. I got a new internet modem

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I’ve seen that with that firmware. Flashed the rtsp firmware and rebooted the router AP point it connects to fixed it for me. Nothing else seemed to. I have no hardware issues to replace anything.