My V2 and V3 now VERY laggy

Not sure what happened but now my three cams are all incredibly laggy.

A car will pass by and it won’t even show the car on the app due to lag in the feed. (V3)
Playback shows vehicles freezing momentarily and not moving in real time

Same with my indoor cams. I can sit in my chair, raise and lower my hand, and the feed shows it in the air for 5+ seconds (V2).

I have the latest firmware for both versions of cam and just updated app to latest version.

If you haven’t, do the usual troubleshooting steps; force close the app, reboot router, power cycle cameras.

And just to be sure, post the actual app and firmware versions.

Yeah that didn’t change anything.

Is there way to roll back firmware or is Wyze going to push out some bug fixes?