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I recently bought the Wyze camera to monitor who is coming in and out of my business. I have a pixel phone, and the image quality is great. Although, on a tablet the image is lagged, meaning someone walks though the door but it doesn’t show on the camera until 10 seconds after. Also it is very pixelated when someone walks by. I have tried 3 different tablets, including a brand new Lenovo i just bought. It happend on all 3. Can anyone help?

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No solution to give, but wanted to share that I'm experiencing the same thing. Curious if it has anything to do with Wifi signal?

Same problem. Was real time streaming the first time it fired up, then reverted to updating frames every 20 secs or so. Phone with app is on same wifi network as wyze cam, with no traffic or load on the network.

I too am having this issue however switching to night vision mode let’s the stream run smoothly… I know this isn’t the ideal fix but it worked for me and I can still see/hear things real time with no lag. App needs an update probably…

In the app.

My account.

App settings.


Enable hardware decoder.

This fix the lag for me completely.


This worked for me as well (On Android Tablet)…Thanks!

This was exactly what I needed thank you!

This should be the DEFAULT

There is a definite lag. When moving the camera, it lags drastically.
i have a Camera from China (Nettoly Brand) and it does not lag as bad as this.
Worst thing about it is, it loses a few seconds of Video when the camera suddenly decides to move which is not recoverable while Record is On ( not Cloud save feature ; but manual record) which has a 25% unreliability as the issue is intermittent which says a lot. Wifi issue would be hard to accept. Only if the router is behind a shield (wall,metal wall, mesh or obstruction over 2 inches conductive material). Most service in north america is at Fibre optics Bandwidth Speed. The only thing that limits this communicative medium is the equipment (ie, servers, Routers, routing translation)

i am going to assume this is a software issue (firmware). Most lag issues is a machine Logic (C++ to java) problem which concludes to be a Server communicative problem. Please upgrade your servers. Due to Gigabit connections, most issues are from the hardware product not the connection.

Please keep in mind, the Wyze camera products are not sold as security devices, but as smart cameras. Please see the following paragraph from the “Wyze Terms of Service”.

The products and services are not intended for use as security or life safety devices or services (such as a burglar alarm or monitoring system). Please do not rely on the products and services for any such critical uses. Please read the disclosures about this in sections 3.B and 3.C below as you are acknowledging and accepting them.

" *he products and services are not intended for use as security or life safety devices or services "

That is a bit odd. If it looks like a duck (features) , Smells like a Duck ( Camera) its usually a duck. Edit : BTW This comment, it would be difficult for WYZE to win a Liable case. As most judges would consider the features not what you post on the Terms of service ( this would be a slim layer of protection if a case was to be set forth)

But i am assuming the product is not what your company is selling, but the software with known issues. Good to know. It is a good product, But still needs work.


I don’t work for Wyze. All of the forum moderator are volunteers and customers like you. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t denying you were having an issue, or that this needs tweaking. I’m with you on that. I was just making sure you were aware of how Wyze intended their products to be used, or for that matter, not to be used. There are prodcuts out there (which I am personally looking to purchase as well) that are sold as and intended to be security systems.

If you would like to help Wyze further with tweaking their cameras, I would recommend submitting feedback (with logs) through the app to bring attention to what you are seeing.

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I don’t have this setting ‘hardware decoder’ in my iPhone app under account. Should I login using my computer instead?

According to this article, the hardware decoder is only available in Android.

Hardware Decoder

Thank you :relaxed:

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With the latest app update, the option is gone, the lag is back and it is bad… Had to switch to 360p picture quality.

Beyond disappointed…


We had the same lag problem that was getting worse and worse, we noticed when it was a 5-10 seconds delay in the video, but the last time we had around 25 seconds delay and the control movements were about 15-25seconds delayed. I was not able to find the hardware decoder option in my Android and I am running the latest app version and latest firmware update in the camera,

So far the solution was the one mentioned by @FrauSchlau, modifying the video setting to 360p… Which really sucks!

It makes no sense to have an HD camera that we have to set to 360p in order to work decently. I hope that the wyze team finds a solution soon.

Same problem, lag in video, slow motion video during playback. Please bring back Hardware Decoder option.

This thread may interest all of you. :slight_smile: