Wyze App Version 2.7 Released! (12/17/19)

Hi, everyone!

We are releasing apps 2.7.29 for iOS and 2.7.19 for Android! These come with the Wyze Lock integration, Event video storage improvements, a review request for people at the end of their Complete Motion Capture free trial, and experience improvements.

Here are the release notes:

  • Wyze Lock integration
  • Deleting devices now removes Event videos from shared user accounts
  • Added in-app request to review Complete Motion Capture after free trial
  • Removed the gray overlay from Event videos
  • Fixed a bug preventing zooming in on Event videos

If you would like to see our previous release notes, you can find them here:


Has anyone tested it for video lag on older Android? And does it have revert capability in the app for the app?


Just checked for updates on my iPhone and it’s not there yet for me. The app store is still 2.6.62

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I too have yet to see the update in the AppStore. Still the 2.6 version.

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Just updated. The gray overlay is indeed gone. But why do I need to touch the screen twice to pause the video?


Wow , this app does not work good at all on Android 5.1 , samsung S4
freezing , crashing won’t connect to live view


I saw it populate earlier… deferring for now.

EDIT-1: Android version I meant to add.

Gray overlay removed…
Only did halve the job.

Yeah that’s odd we have to tap the screen twice to pause the video. It seems like the first tap is to show the controls and the second tap is to activate it. After you are paused, you have to tap it to show the play button and then tap it again to play.

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Works good on Google Nexus 7 tablet, Android 6.1 , no crashing , lag time 3 seconds, live view HD
Works good on Samsung S 7 , Android 8 , no lag time , live view HD
Android 9 don’t know yet, I assume that will work

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Motorola G7 Power updated fine. Scrolling through time on Playback massively better than it used to be. Used to take 5 - 30 seconds for the video to change to a different time. Now it’s more like 1 - 2 seconds.
iPhone still showing version 2.6.62 as the latest available.

Thanks for the feedback, folks! I’ll share it with the team.

For the iOS version not being visible at the time of people posting, we were originally expecting it to be available after lunch (that’s how long it usually takes) but sometimes the iOS process takes longer. We apologize for that.

Working great under Android 6, 8 and 9 on my phones and tablets. :+1: My speediest devices suffer no lag and my slowest device has a 15-20 second lag. One of the best unstated enhancements of this release is that when I liveview a group with 4+ cams (12 in my case), I no longer have to wait for reconnect, revalidate, and reload video buffers for each display of cams when I swipe in landscape or scroll in portrait orientation. It appears that the mechanics have changed to connect and validate only on 1st use/view for each cam and maintain connection until backing out of liveview. Good job! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s how tinycam works, and that’s one of the reasons I installed it.

And tinycam’s pause/play mechanism works with single taps.

notifications stopped working, in fact events dont work with my wyze v2 cameras since software update…all worked before and settings for cameras are same… UPDATE they work now after i restarted all cameras

It’s still not showing up yet? Has it been withdrawn for some reason?

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Great update. :lying_face:

Playback feature STILL completely NON-functional - even when connected to the same wifi as the cameras. Absolutely useless when trying to review past events on the SD card. Constantly tells me to recycle power on all of the cameras, or worse, just sits at 0 bytes/sec.

Just out of curiosity what version of Android are you on? I have seen folks on Version 5 and 9 reporting issues but 6,7,8 all seem fine?


It appears to be related to how far back I’m attempting to look. If I want to see footage that is recent - like at 2am this morning - it functions better than if I want to see footage from yesterday. The further back in time, the worse Playback works.