Wyze App Version 2.6 Releasing Tonight! (11/18/19)

The Wyze app version 2.6 has been released! The biggest change is that we are releasing our first subscription service: Complete Motion Capture.

This optional add-on service doesn’t take away from your existing Wyze features but allows you to record the full duration of detected motion and store it on the cloud for 14 days. There is no 5-minute cooldown and no 12-second recording limit. It also allows you to view your videos even if your Wyze Cam is removed from your account.

Learn more at:


Additionally, we have improved Rules and Sharing, made it easier to connect your Wyze devices with Alexa, and more.

Read the release notes here:


Is there a complete list of bug fixes for this version?

No, but I can ask about one for you if you would like. :slight_smile:

Would be very helpful for a lot of people who are waiting for particular fixes.

For example, I’m not interested in CMC, the SD card is good enough for my needs. I’m only keeping an eye on pets when I’m out. I have plugs not being used because of at least 2 serious bugs. So if this release doesn’t fix them, I’ll wait for the next one,

We have a public list with bugs that have been especially prevalent that I’ll be updating within a few days of the release but I don’t recall a Wyze Plug bug. Are you talking about the grouping issue I see you posted about?

Yes, that grouping bug, plus the Saturday bug. Saturday schedules don’t work.

Here is the thread:

Wyze Plug does not follow scheduled rule on Saturday only

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Thank you! I’m sending this to the team. Though pretty much everyone has left the office so I definitely won’t hear back tonight. My bet is that this has not been addressed in this update.

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Schedule Not Working on Saturday…another thread here:


Added to the list!


Per chance does the list of bugs that have been fixed in 2.6 include:

  • IR filter flips back and forth and back and forth (clickity-click) at dusk & dawn?
  • unable to download time-lapse recordings, even when on the same network?
  • local recording (to SD card) when camera is off-line? Includes:
    • camera can’t power up and start recording without internet connection

These bugs have been outstanding for many months. The clickity-click bug was first reported over a year ago.

That was my post. Thank you, techies, for getting on this!! I will hang in there for my Saturday night plugs to work, since now I know it’s not just myself having the problem. I love my plugs Sunday through Friday, but Saturday…


Thank you for the heads-up Gwendolyn. Looking forward to the app updates and trying CMC. :+1:

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The back-and-forth clicking doesn’t strike me as a bug, per se. There’s obviously a brightness threshold at which it will enable IR. When you’re right at the cusp, that threshold may go back and forth a few times. (Clouds, etc) It may be possible for them add some logic that minimizes that. For example, if the state changed in the last 10 minutes, require 10% under/over the threshold to change the state again. But it doesn’t seem like a huge issue to me.

I’ve had issues with time-lapse recordings, too. Does it time out for you? The camera has hardware limitations, and I believe it compiles the time lapse from still images only AFTER you request it. (But I could be wrong about that.) Basically, I’m not sure if it’s possible for them to make it happen faster. But if it’s timing out for you, the trick is to leave the app open in the foreground. If your phone turns it off automatically, you may need to make sure you have your thumb on your phone once every few minutes while it’s downloading.

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Very good. It’s 1:36am now. Thanks for the update.

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What’s the difference between the new cloud service and using sd card? I haven’t tried sd so not familiar with it.

@DJ-BrianC, I have moved your question to a topic relevant to it. :slight_smile:

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  • Complete Motion Capture stores full-length videos of your motion events in the cloud. (Not just 12 seconds) SD card only stores videos locally on the camera.

  • Complete Motion Capture removes 5-minute cooldown period between events and notifications. With SD card recording only, you’ll have video of everything on the SD card, but your notifications are still subject to the 5-minute cooldown

  • SD card recording allows for continous (24/7) recording, if you prefer. Complete Motion Capture captures all motion, but does not offer 24/7 recording, per se. (Though I suppose if your camera shows movement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’d effectively have that.)


It’s a bug. Wyze has acknowledged it as such, and was reported working on a fix many months ago. But it’s perhaps better described as a design defect. The frequent repetitive operation of the IR filter mechanism may eventually result in premature failure of the hardware.

More than a few, I’ve seen/heard my cams flip back and forth 10-20 times over the span of five to ten minutes as the firmware makes up its mind if it’s day or night. Other owners have reported the same problem.

Absolutely possible! A robust design would have incorporated hysteresis (which is somewhat similar to what you’ve described). Adding hysteresis to their day/night algorithm has been suggested to Wyze several times.

Besides the risk of premature hardware failure, the errant switchovers of the IR filter trigger the motion detector. This generates a cloud event (recording & notification) that then blinds the camera for 5 minutes (due to the cooldown). If the IR filter is still switching back and forth 5 minutes later (when the 1st cooldown interval expires), the camera will go into cooldown for another 5 minutes. That’s less than ideal.

I haven’t had timeouts. I’ve encountered two different TL issues. One is that the Wyze album often fails to list TL recordings that were recorded. The second is that the camera reports that it’s failed to download a TL recording listed in the album: “make sure your mobile device is on the same Wi-Fi network” (despite the fact that my iPhone is on the same network).

But let’s not belabor these issues on this thread. There are other threads discussing them in detail. The intent of my post here was to ask @WyzeGwendolyn if any/all of these bugs had been addressed in v2.6. And to reiterate that many Customers would find it useful to have a complete list of bug fixes in the Release Notes for this (and every) release.


Without a detailed knowledge of the firmware and hardware limitations of the camera, I’m not sure if we know that. But the idea is certainly possible in theory. Hopefully it can be addressed. :slight_smile: