Android V2.9.30 and Wyze Cams v2 and Pan Firmware Released - 3/18/20

Hi, forum folks!

Android app version 2.9.30 is releasing today along with firmware versions for Wyze Cam v2 and for Wyze Cam Pan.

These have improvements such as fixing some bugs, improving streaming with Google Nest Hubs, and optimizing the logic for the SD card eject feature.

Please note that Google has cautioned us to expect app reviews to take 7 days or longer during this time. If you do not see the update now, you should receive it in the next week or so. :slight_smile:

Read our Release Notes at:


Thank you for the heads-up… working well for the past few hours…

App v2.9.30 under Android 9 and 10 viewing a mix of v2 cams firmware v4.9.5.98 and v4.10.5.111

and the other way around…

App v2.8.24 under Android 6, 9 and 10 viewing the same mix of cam firmware versions. A v2 cam stream running the new firmware froze once using this older app version, but was still chugging along on the phone running the latest app version. I think I’ll update all later tonight if things remain stable. :+1:

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So far so good, with regard to streaming via Google Assistant from my V2 cams (f/w to the Chromecast dongle plugged in to my Sony TV. Initial connection took about 15-20 seconds, then a solid stream for about 25 minutes now. Is there still a time limit on the stream before it times out? Doesn’t appear to be. Anyway, good work Wyze! :+1:


There’s supposed to be a limit but I know they were messing with that limit during testing. I’ll ping the team! Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:


Or … they could just eliminate the limit permanently! :wink:


Hi @WyzeGwendolyn

Terrible since upgrade loos like saw dust everywhere.
How do I send a pic?

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To post one in the forums you needs to have a new user level that you get after making a few posts and reading threads. Maybe a Mod can up you now so you can post it. @Loki @DreadPirateRush? Thanks!



I have bumped up your forum trust level. You should be able to post a pic now.


I just updated to the latest firmware ( and have the same issue. Looks like a cloud of sawdust in front of the lens.

Could you please show me an example photo of this?

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Welcome to the forums! @Loki or @DreadPirateRush will have to up your trust level since your a new user, but can you post image examples of this “sawdust” like @WyzeGwendolyn asked? Lost of thanks!


I already took care of that step. :wink:


So, where is the pic of saw dust?