Android App 2.14.35 Released - 10/20/20

Hi, forum friends!

We found a bug that was causing difficulty viewing the live stream for people using Android 11. Today, we’re releasing app version 2.14.35 to fix that. Thank you for your patience while we identified and resolved this issue!

Read our Release Notes here:


I was excited when I saw this, but Wyze has disappointed again. V1 cameras still cannot live stream smoothly.

Could you please tell me what firmware version your Wyze Cam v1 is using? What happens when you try to view the live stream?

Firmware version: I have been reporting this for weeks (others have acknowledged it). The live stream jumps the seconds will go from 1 to 2 to 7 to 9 to 14… tinyCam plays the live stream perfectly.

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Mind recreating this and sending in a log? I’m sure that you’ve sent in one before but the new app may change things. You can do this through Account > Help & Feedback. Once you do, please post the log number here and I’ll get it to the team.

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Log submission: 51783


Thank you kindly! I sent this over to the team. :slight_smile:

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No .35 ver avsilable in App Store.

Just upgraded to .33

the live stream bit rate is 9 kb/s

waiting for the .35 to be available on GPStore

FWIW, I got a new phone last weekend (was on android 9). New phone has android 11. I was having issues with live stream and was happy to see the update yesterday. After the update, it wouldn’t livestream at all. I deleted the app and reinstalled today. It’s working fine now.

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Finally got .35 version
Everything seems to be working fine for Android 5

I am pixel 4xl. Still waiting for 2.14.35 to be in the playstore for my device. 2.14.33 is very buggy right now.

The livestream is now suddenly not smooth. Prior to this update it was a constant FPS. Now, it’ll play smooth for 2-3 seconds then freeze for half a second, and repeat. It’s doing this for all cameras even if I switch from HD to lower resolutions. Prior to the update it had been fine for 3 weeks, even if I was not on the same network.

All 3 cameras affected, exact same behaviour for all
HD, 150-200 KB/s
Android 8.1.0

Is there any way to roll back to the previous app version … ? I’m wishing I didn’t update now…

I have 2 phones, both android. On one phone, I installed the update and on the other I haven’t yet. The phine with the update doesn’t show my devices. Tried logging out and back in. Rebooted the phone. Uninstalling the app and reinstalling. No devices.

Update, now the devices are gone on both phones. Didn’t update the other phone.

Update 2. So, they are back. No idea what that was.

Update 3, gone on new phone again. :pensive::man_shrugging:

Same here! The App is not showing any of my devices at all (White screen) and says that I don’t have any devices registered with my account! I also cannot view any footage previously recorded. What on earth has happened with this latest update today?? I sure wish that Wyze would make sure that the updates are good before releasing them! This is very frustrating!

There is also a firmware update for the cams as well . It popped up today for mine .

There is a service issue being resolved at this moment:


Thanks Seapup! I found the main issue page about it and have been following it there…


Started tonite having problem connecting to camera.

yes, also camera disappeared at startup.

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Just to report V2 is back in business. thx Wyze

The new app has lower video bit rate. I wonder if Wyze is saving upload bandwidth and cost.

wonzt allow me to add new post because 3 in a row.

more bugs.

This version of app slows to react. It did not trigger event.
It is missing motion, human.

went in front camera,. no trigger.
then 1 min later, re enter trigger zone. did not trigger right the way but trigered very late 30 sec of motion, human. yet reported as motion. not human.

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