New 2.6 Beta App and Firmware released!

Dear Beta Testers,

This is Wendy, the release manager from Wyze. Today we are excited to share our new 2.6 app release with you. This time, we are performing AB test. So, some of you will see 2.6.25 (Android), 2.6.37 (iOS) and some of you will see 2.6.26 (Android), 2.6.38(iOS). In this new 2.6 Beta app, we have:

–Added Complete Motion Capture, a service that allows your camera to record and store the videos to the cloud whenever there is motion. A Free Trial is available in Account->Wyze Service.

–Added functions to jump from any event video

to camera live stream or the exact moment on microSD card Playback. (“View the Moment”)

– Improved Rules and device sharing

–Added “Works with” Alexa to the Wyze app

Please be aware, in order to have Complete Motion Capture to work in your app, you have to upgrade our latest Beta Firmware on your camera(s). The firmware version for V2 is and for Pan is

Thank you so much for help us testing our new features. We look forward to hearing back from you.

– Wendy


Is there any information yet on how much this is going to cost? All the app currently seems to say (without signing up for the trial) is that you’ll have to renew for each camera separately… ironic on a day when Google just announced the opposite - one subscription for all cameras.


I just asked the same information in the Facebook group, forgot to check here first :slight_smile:

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Dear Beta Testers,

We just released our app 2.6, here’s some additional info on what help we need in testing. Look forward to hearing your feedback.

Mark, Product Team

App_2_6_Beta_Testing_Public.pdf (44.6 KB)


Can’t for the life of me get this Android updated beyond 2.5.36. It admits that I’m a beta tester, but won’t admit that there is anything newer available. iOS updated to 2.6.38 via Test Flight just fine (other than hating my iPhone).

Same, just waiting on a Google drive invite

Hey, all!

I’m Kyle, a green member of the community team at Wyze. I’ll be jumping in to collect feedback so we can make improvements spotted in the beta. Thank you all for rallying and sharing your insights and I’ll see you in the threads!


Turning my phone to view landscape mode does not work when viewing event clips.
Viewing live view, turning the phone , landscape view works exactly as it should.
App V2.6.26 samsung S7 android 8


Can’t even find the download and share icons with a light background

I noticed that one myself.

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I’m having the fragment issue:

What will the price be per camera for complete motion capture?

That info has not been released yet

Super Excited to see the new functionality Just finished upgrading the Firmware on all my cams and Also the updating of the application !

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@NumberOne Is it possible to add more than 1 camera to the trial?


In the Facebook beta group it was mentioned the trial would only cover one camera


In the beta PDF on the facebook beta group it says that more cameras can be added. They have a discount code for beta testers to add each cam for $.01 . They will post production services page in a couple days so you can test adding additional cameras.

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You are correct, now that you mention that I remember reading that, so the current trial is for one camera. In a few days you can add more.

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Updated the app and all cameras. Now all of my sensors are offline. Restarted the camera my sensors were connected to (Pan Cam) and the app itself and yet they still show as offline.

I have a lot of sensors, I really don’t want to have to reset all of them up.

Pan version app version 2.6.26 bridge version I don’t know the sensor versions as they are all offline.

Looking at the bridge my sensors are still listed as connected.

Try removing the bridge from the camera and reinserting it, they should come back online


why is it the in this update I’m most excited for its ability to see an event and click it into the live view for that camera. I didn’t realize how much I needed that.