Third 2.6 Beta App Released on 10/31/19

Dear Wyze Forum users,
This is Wendy Innis, the release manager from Wyze. This week, we are sharing our third Beta Android App release with our Beta Testers, 2.6.36 (Android), 2.6.55 (iOS).
Features included in this release are:
Complete Motion Capture

  • App and Cloud changes
  • Web payments and Recurly integration (in-progress and available for testing soon)
    View the Moment (The ability to jump from a 12-second clip into the microSD recording)
    Rules Improvements
  • Add the ability to run schedule overnight
  • Added labels to Schedules and Device Triggers Sharing
  • Account-based sharing interaction improvement
  • Share at the end of the camera setup
    App Linking to Alexa (Works with)
    Show Camera Name setting for grouped devices
    Add Phone Number to Shop
    Comment/Messaging notifications for Shop and Discover

We have included a few bug fixes based on your valuable feedback:

  • Solved the notification time and phone time not being synchronized
  • Improved Location Permission pop-up logic and explanation
  • Made event videos available even if the device was deleted
  • Improved plug status update on device list page
    We know that some of you can’t test CMC right now due to your trial expiring. We have a couple of things we need to wrap up with the website before we share it but we’re getting close to that point.
    We need your help to verify this Beta release and your feedbacks are extremely valuable to us. Thank you.
    Wendy Innis