2.12 Beta app test 7/16/2020


  • iOS: 2.12.25(3)

  • Android: 2.12.9


General App Changes:

  • Added support for Wyze Cam Outdoor

  • Added the new service “Cam Plus”. Now you can use Person Detection with CMC!

Wyze Bulb Changes:

  • Added support for Sleep Routines

Wyze Band Changes:

  • Added Google Fit and Apple Health data integration

  • Added a freestyle exercise mode

  • Added support for 12hr/24hr time format change

  • Added support for the red dot notification

  • Added support for changing the duration the screen light is on

  • Added a reminder when multiple devices try to connect to the band

Wyze Scale Changes:

  • Improved the algorithm

  • Added trends for more body metrics

  • Added support for Android X

  • Added data sync to Fitbit capability

Wyze Lock Changes:

  • Added “Submit feedback” for guest accounts

  • Added a warning for when there are over 50 passwords stored on the keypad

  • Auto-unlock history now shows which user activated it

  • Bug fixes


  • Test the stability of CMC Event videos

  • Test the accuracy of Person Detection in CMC Event videos

  • Test the Sleep Routines with Wyze Bulb

  • Test the reconnect button if a Wyze Bulb goes offline.


  • CMC and Person Detection instability

Cam Plus 2.12 Beta Test FAQ


In 2.12, after two months of intense work, Wyze made it possible to bring our in-house Person Detection to CMC users. We also made a brand upgrade from Complete Motion Capture (CMC) to a new service called “Cam Plus”. The all-new Cam Plus service is aiming to bring the experiences of using Wyze Cam products (Wyze Cams v2 and Pan for now with Wyze Cam Outdoor and the video doorbell in the future) to the next level with Artificial Intelligence.


Q: How do I access this exciting new service?A:

  1. If you are a current CMC subscriber, you should be upgraded to Cam Plus automatically when you upgrade to app 2.12.

  2. If you want to test the feature during the beta testing phase, you can redeem “cam-plus-beta-testing” at https://beta-services.wyze.com/ to get a Cam Plus subscription for free during the beta test.

  3. You can also get a free trial for Cam Plus by deleting and setting up an existing Wyze Cam with your account. Please note that this can be done only once per Wyze Cam.

Q: How do I manage my Cam Plus service?A: You can use this beta test site to manage the licenses: https://beta-services.wyze.com/ Q: What happens if I add the new Cam Plus to a Wyze Cam using Person Detection?A: If you apply the Cam Plus license to a device using person detection, the new service will replace the old one. At the same time, the Wyze Cam will not be shown in the person detection device list unless you remove the Cam Plus license. Q: What is going to be added to Cam Plus beyond CMC and Person Detection?A: Wyze is working on adding more intelligence to our products. We’ll gradually roll out new features to test in the following months. But we’re not ready to tell you about them quite yet. Q: Why isn’t Person Detection working on my CMC videos yet?A: First, please make sure you are on the latest app and firmware and have enabled Cam Plus on the device. If it’s still not working, please submit a ticket via in-app feedback and leave us a comment below. We’ll look into it!


To manage your service on the website, please use the test site: https://beta-services.wyze.com/

So far, the new Cam Plus service website is still under construction. We’ll temporarily use the old CMC one for testing. And once you add the licenses, you should go back to Wyze app to manage the devices. The device management function in the test site isn’t working now.If you click “Cancel service” button and “Confirm deletion” button from the website, you’ll be completely rolling out the Cam Plus service. In that case, if you want to add it back, you need to add a service and apply the coupon again.


  1. The success of upgrading your service subscription from CMC to Cam Plus, enabling the functions in the account page, viewing Events, receiving notifications, etc.

  2. Person Detection accuracy with CMC videos.

  3. The overall experience of using Cam Plus.



How long does the trial last?

Are you thinking of adding facial recognition some time in the future?

That should make a few people happy.:slightly_smiling_face:
Then there’s this. :slight_smile:

I can not find:

Wyze Band Changes:

  • Added support for 12hr/24hr time format change

  • Added support for the red dot notification (what does this mean?)

Android Samsung S20 Utra

Wyze App Beta 2.12.9

Cam V2 Plugin Version
Sensor Plugin Version
Band Plugin Version 1.3.69
Scale 1.1.3 Plugin Version

The CMC subscription is asking for my credit card, I do not see a option to enter the code. Please advise

Do you have the bata app? It shows up as a “free license” without having to give a code.

Great updates Wyze!! I am super happy to hear that CMC and Person Detection work together and like the new name “Cam Plus”! I just started my free trial and it’s already working pretty nice. A few missed events but it will get better I’m sure.

One thing I noticed on the events pages: it now says submit this video to help Wyze research.

However after you click ok it says thanks for your feedback

Not sure this really makes sense… maybe like “thanks for submitting”?

Another thing is it takes a really long time to load up events that’s are “live”. I got a person detection notification but when I open it, it took at least 30 seconds before it started playing. The subject could be out of the view by the time it loaded up. Even though you could replay the event it would be nice if it could be a little faster.

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I clicked the link, a 14 day trial was started

Person Detection has to detect motion, upload the clip, determine that a person was in the clip then send a notification.
I don’t think we will ever get notification while the person is still in camera view.


I get continuous motion capture if I add SD card to my Wyze cameras. How is CAM Plus different from this process?

It uploads to the cloud. If someone steals your camera the MicroSD card recording is gone.


Which is why Person Detection should be on device so that the camera knows right away it’s a person without having to upload to cloud. This is what Eufy does I get notifications usually by 5 seconds.


I activated the Cam Plus service, but question. How does it work with Person detection?

Does it record a whole clip, then send notification, or does it it still analyze the first 12 seconds for a person then send a notification while it’s still recording? I am asking because I want to know if the new service will just add to the time it takes to send a notification. Also exited for the future services!

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is this authorized or not?
why not change to turn on/off

Agree - the “Unauthorized” button is very confusing after it has actually been authorized and connected - maybe the button should read “disconnect” or “unauthorize” instead?

You can disconnect managed apps from within Google Fit.

It appears to me that once the AI realizes it is a person it sends the notification. There have been times when the event is still live with a person when I open the notification.


Awesome, I’m loving this new update!! It’s so much quicker and no cooldown.


I received 3 of 4 Person detection notifications. The notification happens while people are still on view if I go live fast enough.

The CMC loads all clips to the cloud, regardless of what triggering the recording.

cmc vs ai

i suggest to split cmc video as 12 seconds each to upload so that it does not need to wait the end of events to upload the long video. [but it could still be played sequently as if it is just one video]

i set a trigger, if detect a person, turn the light on.
however it won’t turn on until the person leaves because cmc keeps recording and video won’t be uploaded to cloud to tell if there is a person