Wyze app v3.0 Beta 2 - Early Release - 7/2/24

Exciting Update for Our Beta Community Users!

Dear Beta Users and Community Friends,

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates regarding the Wyze App 3.0! Thanks to your invaluable feedback, we have made several improvements and are releasing the official Beta 2 early next week.

What’s New in Beta 2:

Customizable Device Order: Now, you can easily drag and drop to reorder devices on the Devices list, allowing you to organize your devices exactly how you like. Tailor your setup to suit your personal preferences!

Refreshed Favorites Tab UI: We’ve updated the Favorites Tab! Non-camera devices and shortcuts tiles are now smaller and more streamlined, making your favorite features even easier to access.

Enhanced Search Functionality: Our optimized search now supports product names, ensuring you can quickly locate exactly what you need.

We want you, our trusted community, to experience these updates ahead of time. While this app is not yet perfect and still has some known issues, please know that we are actively working on fixes! Some known issues include:

  • Android viewing events may show error (code 09). Tapping retry will be able to reload the event.
  • Friendly Faces configuration in the Customize Recording for cameras may not respond for both iOS and Android.
  • Android HMS security camera events may cause crash.

How to Download:

The updated app will be available through the following Wyze internal URL:



Please follow the instructions below to install the beta app:

For Android Users:

  1. Only one Wyze app is allowed on your phone, so be sure to remove your existing app before installing the beta test app.
  2. Go to the link, enter the passcode, and then you’ll be able to download the app.

For iOS Users:

  1. Go to the link and enter the passcode.
  2. After clicking download, you’ll be prompted to give permissions.
  3. Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management > Authorize Wyze app to complete the setup.
  4. You will be installing the beta app in addition to your existing Wyze App (from TestFlight/App Store).

Your Feedback Matters:

Thank you for being an integral part of our community and for helping us create a better experience for everyone. We deeply appreciate your valuable feedback and patience as we continue to make these changes. Your insights are crucial in helping us improve the app, and we look forward to receiving more of your thoughts and suggestions.

Mod Edit: For those wanting to wait to get the Beta through Google Play and TestFlight is should be available early next week.


Why is the android app signed differently than the play store beta requiring an uninstall before installing it. If you want to keep it separate why not name it differently so we can have both versions, like the iOS version. This approach makes no sense.

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Installed - Favorites look MUCH better.

Device list is customizable. The devices tab is exactly what everyone wants. You sort according to how you want it. NOTE TO ALL: Groups and Individual Devices are now inter-mingled. 1 BIG list of devices/groups.

Looks good!

Automation sorting next??? Please and Thank You.

I think I’m seeing a refresh “lag” thing… As I’m moving things around or renaming something, the device list shows an “old” sorting. But once I refresh, it seems to go back to what I was working on (my custom sort order)

I am refreshing the list (pulling-down) after every few changes to make things commit better. I’m on a mediocre cell-signal so I don’t know if a better signal would make this a non-issue or not?

But, I got everything moved around and everything is sticking. So, good to go! Definite overall improvement from Beta 1! Thanks Devs!


Friendly faces working for anyone?

Installed on my Pixel Device. Kept the current on my Samsung S24+

I like how the device listing is smaller. Wonder if the Tablet view got better as well

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Some nice updates! Thanks for listening to all this feedback!

I agree with @beemgee that it would be nice to have the android app not have a conflict against the Google play app. It is possible to do this.

The problem with a separate app instead of using Google Play is that it doesn’t import some important local settings. For example: I have the scale linked to Google Fit. But if I use a new app it won’t be linked to Google Fit anymore. I’m this case, you force me to delete the app that has it linked and install a new one that unlinks it. I may not realize this for a month then have to go manually enter a month’s worth of weight data (this has happened to me several times). Then when we switch back to Google play it will unlink Google fit again. That’s manageable if it were the only local seeing that gets lost and undone, but it’s not. Forcing us to uninstall the Google app introduces a little chaos, some of which many people don’t realize.

It would be preferable and courteous to just do as beemgee suggests and make side loaded apps not conflict with play store apps (then we can still use the public app with all our ongoing settings having proper continuity with future updates, while being able to test for you). Then local settings data stay in tact for later. Please consider this as simple courtesy in the future.

I wonder if this would get fixed if you clear the app cache and force it to thus remove the old cache and download new cache. Obviously that would be annoying to do too often though. It should know when to automatically update the cache.


My only other issue is that I can’t change the “Additional Controls” actions for the Wyze Switch (would LOVE a version 2.0 of this). I use these functions a LOT. App appears to crash. Log submitted for switch. # 1462754

I have deleted the device from the app and re-added it. I am going to do again and clear cache as well. Because the switch remembered the rules even though I long-pressed the switch to get it to reset and re-added to the app.

Sorry for the poor video conversion. Not my forte.

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It doesn’t seem to be a persistent issue. I’m almost certain it was because my cell signal was bad so what I “thought” was happening, was not syncing with home base and when it did sync, it brought back what it knew?? Either way, I don’t see it now. And since they gave us absolute freedom to sort how we like, then the list should be set the way we like and probably most of us won’t mess with it again.

If we are using the app right, the Fav’s should have what we need 90% of the time. Of course, that is if the app is displaying camera feeds correctly in the Fav view. I have noticed lag on that.

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Hello, may I know if everything is alright with Friendly Faces?

Still unable to customize rules/automation list in the automation tab, unless I am missing something. Also, every time I open the app it asks to use locations. Only options are “Allow Once”, Allow While Using App" and “Don’t Allow”. From what I understand, in order for location rules/geofencing to work locations should be always on. Please fix this. Other than that, looks pretty good on iPhone 11, iOS 17.5.1

Next will install on iPad and see if there is any improvement with landscape interface.

Edit: I just installed it on my iPad, and the landscape interface is as bad as it used to be. Only favourites and device list are in landscape mode, and that still requires to manually rotate the iPad. The monitoring and account tabs are in portrait mode, still. Very disappointing.

Yup, iPad is still a flip flop chop shop. Step right up and spin the iPad, where she stops nobody knows.

What I don’t understand is why is so difficult for Wyze to implement landscape interface. Ever single other app is working fine except Wyze. :thinking:

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Just putting this out there, this version still does not function fully on iOS18 Beta either (for those that test apple products)

@WyzeRyan - It does not appear to show any cameras as “enabled” and there is no option to set to record events or notify on events… there is a “>” symbol where the checkboxes are to enable this. I have to do some more looking to see if the cameras are still doing it anyway, because of their previous settings. I definitely can’t enable it or change notifications for it.


You would have thunked that the “whole new” v3 app would have been the rewrite needed to progress. But v3 is just a pick and pluck layout change with fancy icon and darker colors. I got my first iPad in 2014 or 15 and then it was expected that there were iPad apps and there were phone apps and some just didn’t work and others worked but didn’t scale 100% correctly. My guess would be that the original app developer for Wyze won’t let his ( or her ) “prize” code be tossed in the trash so the “new” developers are forced to keep the garbage around even though it stinks. Over the years I’ve gotten quite a few apps where it’s “this app is no longer supported after x-date, get our new completely redesigned app. I got notification of one today as a matter of fact that dies in 30 days because the company ( after 7 years of usage ) has realized the old app is just ineffective and just can’t be added to anymore to meet modern standards.

In the industry that is known as bloatware.

@habib - Not exactly. It’s usefulness has not been reduced because of disk space or memory and this is not just installed unnecessarily like McAfee when you buy a computer from the store.

You can argue that it’s usefulness has been reduced but that is NOT, by definiton, bloatware. I understand the issue of Portrait/Landscape on iPads is probably frustrating. But that is focusing on 1 aspect of it and dismissing the whole thing. I focus on the Favorites, Devices, and overall layout. Much better than the previous 2.5 app. and it aligns the layout with more modern designs that are familiar (Google Home and Alexa).

They have work to do, but this was a nice jump.


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Ya it’s not bloatware. It’s like adding 3K worth of dubs and rubber to an old beater and calling it a better more capable car. Or adding room additions to a 40 yo mobile home. Sometimes you gotta just cut your losses and start over. It’s the hardest thing to do in business or personal life if you’re emotionally vested into an item or a process. Other camera / automation apps just don’t seem to be this bad as a whole and it’s pretty disappointing that we are this many years into something and it’s still like this. I’m running many apps whom outgrew their original scope and code base and moved on - discontinuing trying to fit new stuff into old code base and doing complete re-writes. Not every start is scalable to the future.

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Still, the app is not written from ground up. It has been added on top and in my books that makes it a bloatware. It’s not just the iPad functionality, how about the dark scheme in the accounts page, it hasn’t changed at all from the 2.5 version.

Totally agree, but they could’ve done better. This iteration does not deserve a full number upgrade. This should’ve been a 2.6 not 3.0.