Wyze Plug does not follow scheduled rule on Saturday only

A friend and I both have Wyze plugs with on/off times scheduled every day of the week. We are also having the same problem and they are both happening every Saturday. The Wyze plugs don’t work on Saturday. They seem to take the day off.
We have tried deleting and recreating schedules, and making a separate schedule for Saturday only, but nothing has worked.
Any ideas?


Your plugs must be religious :grin:

I have 4 unused Wyze plugs, waiting for app bug fixes.

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I was thinking the same thing :grinning:

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I have three Wyze bulbs on schedules that repeat every day of the week, Every evening I have two bulbs turn on at 5pm and then shut off at 11:30, I have a bulb in my porch lamp that comes on at 5:15pm and shuts off at midnight. I have other schedules too but, these are the ones in question. All week long these schedules run with no issues. Saturday nights the bulbs come on at their scheduled times but they don’t turn off. I end up turning them off manually. On Sunday, everything runs as scheduled. I think this started after the latest firmware update but, I’m not positive of that.

Any constructive thoughts would be greatly appreciated,


Mine must not believe in working on Saturday as well. Experiencing the same issue works perfectly Sun. thru Fri. but every Saturday it fails to turn on at the set time. There is a bug in the rug somewhere. Lol :laughing: Need some good bug killer. :wink:

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Sorry about your inconvenience. Do you still experiencing this on V2.6? If so, can you sent me the app log to abao@wyze.com. Thanks!


Thank you for reaching out. To answer your question, I don’t know. I’ve switched over to Alexa’s “routines” and all of the bulbs are working appropriately. Extremely happy with the Wyze bulbs and cameras. I’ve yet to try the sense products or the plugs. Very pleased that all integrate with Alexa.

Thanks again,


C’mon Wyze, can’t this Saturday bug be fixed? Hanging Christmas lights now. Need to use the plug.

Several people are asking me to set up their timers. I dread explaining to them about this Saturday thing …

Have you tried making the rule again, it has worked for some

I last tested on Nov 30th, failed and then turned it off. Is there a new release after that date? I’ll try again on Dec 7th.

I don’t think there is a new one since then, I just know it seems to be working for some. I don’t know why it seems to work or if it actually is, because some people never come back and say if something is fixed.

This post is to report that on Saturday night, 11/30/19, my smart plugs worked! I was thrilled…now they work EVERY day of the week! :sweat_smile:


I just tested my Wyze plug again. It still failed. It also failed the last time.

I can’t keep on testing these things. I need something that works. So I went out and got a few from a competing brand. They are working fine. The app isn’t as fancy, but it works.

Correction – it did turn on, but at a later time. This mirrors the latest posts about plugs.

Again, why is reliability so poor?