Wyze App 2.39 Released - 2/14/23

We’re releasing Wyze app 2.39 today! This adds a Request Dispatch icon on the live stream page that Cam Protect subscribers can use, optimizes camera group function, and updates a Rules description to be more intuitive. :rotating_light:

Read our Release Notes:


Got the update this a.m. on my Android 13 Pixel 6a. I noticed on the V3 PRO the 30 second skip still does not work properly on SD Card Playback. I am assuming this will be a firmware specific fix though.

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Most things seems to be working pretty well with the 2.39 update so far.

Except for the iPad landscape live video on the V3 Pro which still hasn’t been fixed! I mean come on, this has been a known problem for some time. When viewing live video in landscape, instead of black bars above and below the video for proper aspect ratio, it zooms to fil the screen and cuts off the ends of the view, including the time and part of the date. the regular V3 works fine.


How about a fix for iOS when it auto locks when I have all my cameras showing? I don’t wanna have to disable it from my phones setting because I tend to not push on my home/sleep button? It’s a nice little feature when you can view all your cameras and not have to worry about the screen turning off especially when I’m taking a poo with my kids running around the house. Thanks


I think there is a bug in this App release for iOS. It seems that some people who updated to this app had their camera settings switch from “All Motion Events” to only recording/saving “Smart Detection Events”
I could be wrong, but if you have iOS, you might want to check and see if that camera setting changed for you. Let us know. Maybe it only does it for people using Cam Plus? I don’t know…I’ve just heard from a couple of people with iOS noticing this, so I am just suspecting this might be the case.


The “smart detection events” is only available on my pan cam v2 , none of my v3’s have it.

@carverofchoice thanks for the heads up. I have 3 v3’s, one with Cam Plus. The one with Cam Plus had indeed changed from “All Motion Events” to “Smart Detection Events”. The two without Cam Plus stayed on “All Motion Events”


Thank you for reporting that! That is really helpful confirmation!

Thanks. Maybe it requires a certain firmware version that supports it first and is only happening to certain camera models. At least we’re narrowing it down.

I have Cam+ Unlimited, and several V3s and one V3 Pro, and run Android App V2.39, this did not seem to happen, hopefully it is limited IOS.

I submit this to “fix it Friday”. Idk why this is such a difficult fix. I almost feel like Wyze hires it’s programmers from fiverr.com

It’s just ridiculous. :roll_eyes:

I read somewhere yesterday that one of the things mentioned in a beta release was iPad OS aspect ratio. Hopefully that means it was fixed and will be out soon. You’re right though, being able to actually see a whole view in live feed seems like it should be a priority and done much sooner, even if it only effects 9.7" iPads.

When can we expect the other bugs that were introduced in that terrible January release to be fixed??

Since upgrading the Wyze app on my iPhone to 2.39, Event videos no longer work in landscape orientation as evidenced by the screenshot. When in landscape mode event videos remain the same size, while blank white space fills the rest of the screen. None of the buttons or toggles work while in this mode either. Clearing app cache, Logging in and out makes no difference, I submitted a log with number: 936499.

Another issue is that I have been receiving duplicate notifications for every event with 2 different incorrect times shown, for instance if it it is 8:00PM, one notification will say 11:00AM and then another right after that comes in that says 6:00PM. This occurs even though the embedded timecode in the video feed is correct. Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

I have had this landscape issue happen before even on previous app versions, but it’s not reproducible all the time

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My Wyze app updated yesterday to 2.39.0 (20) and now I’ve lost the ability to view Events in landscape. Live view is not affected, landscape still works fine. This is happening on all 3 of my v3s with Cam Plus. I tried power cycling all 3 cameras but nothing has changed…now what?

I just updated today hoping this was fixed but still broken on my ipad too. Seems like that should have been an easy fix.

I just checked and it’s not happening to me right now. Are you on IOS or Android?

iOS - Since the update, when I flip my phone to the horizontal position I just get a small rectangular view of the Event in the bottom left hand corner leaving the rest of the screen white (again, live view has not been affected, landscape works as it always has). If I get lucky at times I can expand it by random tapping but most of the time it has no effect. As I said, I’m having this issue on all 3 of my v3s and rebooting each cam has not helped. I’ve never had this issue with any other Wyze app ‘update’. :roll_eyes:

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