Wyze App 2.39 Released - 2/14/23

Really would be nice to have this fixed amongst a few other things since this would be a safety issue for a “home security” camera. We shouldn’t have to source out second party apps just to be able to do this. As convenience should be one of Wyze top priority, rather than busting out new products without a great backbone.

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Yea that’s the same thing I have experienced from time to time. The other day I noticed it was happening when I was trying to cast/mirror my phone screen to a Tv. Is there any possibility it could have been the same for you?

Either way, next time it happens can you get an app log in account > Wyze support. Thanks!

I deleted the Wyze app and reinstalled it, then rebooted my phone…no joy. At this point the only thing left was to update my iPhone 12 to the latest software…bingo! :+1:

My iPhone is running the latest compatible iOS version and I am still having this issue.

As far as the new cam pan V3, how come I can’t sift through the continuous recording unlike the cam pan V2 or Wyze cam v3? Why is it different if it’s literally the same specs? I have an SD card that’s recording continuously so I can play back what it has recorded. It only records events even if you click either “sd card” or events? Isn’t that the reason why you click on continuous instead of recording “events only”? Also on apple in particular, why does my phone go to “sleep” when I’m viewing all my cameras at the same time? I don’t want to change my phones setting nor do I wanna have to keep clicking a specific camera just so it doesn’t go to “sleep”. It was completely fine before all these updates and serves no point for a “security camera” if you can’t view all your cameras at once without your phone going blank on you after a period of time.

Because it is not the same specs. Completely different cam written w\ unique firmware employing a new UI.

All the new cams, starting w\ the V3Pro, have the UI similar to the PanV3.

My PanV3 cams are all set to record continuous. Clicking the SD card icon pulls up the SD Card Playback and it shows a continuously recorded timeline. I am able to scroll up and down the timeline to view the continuously recorded footage. Not sure what you are seeing.

The Recent Events are the same Cloud Uploaded Events that will be listed in your Events tab for that cam.

Can’t help w\ the iOS issues… I am on Android.

I have mine set to record continuously as well but every time I click on the “sd card” icon I get a timeline bar which I should be able to scroll through but only shows “no video at the selected time”. It only shows recorded events which are only a few seconds long, also when I try to scroll through the timeline bar it reverts the date all the way back to 1969 on whatever date you’re on. I believe they didn’t really utilize sd cards till maybe a few years later.

Don’t know if this would work but try disabling your “low power mode” and see if that keeps your ipad from going to sleep mode, it worked on my sons older ipad.

I tried this but unfortunately it didn’t work. My screen is set to autolock at 2 mins and it still goes to lock screen even with power save off, My workaround until this is fixed is to use split screen and have a map app open in part of the screen. I think below is the setting that got removed and needs to be added back:

idleTimerDisabled = YES;

There has been a documented issue with the timeline reverting to 1969 when the recorded video will not load.

It has been my experience that the video timeline not loading and showing as “No Video At the Selected Time” occurs when either the cam is having trouble making a solid P2P connection with the app or when there are issues with the SD Card itself.

See this topic for additional information: