Wyze not working in landscape mode on my iOS devices

As of this morning I am unable to view video of all 6 of my Wyze v3 cameras on iOS in landscape mode (iPhones and iPads).
In fact when I try to switch to landscape mode the video freezes up. Is anyone aware of an issue that would cause this. My Wyze Pan CAM is working fine in landscape mode, but not the v3’s.

Let’s start off with what app version and what firmware version of the affected cameras.

There is a new iOS app today that said it fixed that issue. 2.44.1 (1)

Just did the latest iOS update. It did not fix the problem

I really need help with this issue if anyone can assist me…Thanks, tlhutch4

Are you talking about group viewing or viewing video events on each camera? What iOS devices are you using. I am using the iOS app 2.45.5 (4) with iOS 17.0.3 on my iPhone SE2020 and a 4th gen. iPad Pro 12.9 and I can view all the event videos in landscape if I turn the device .

I posted this awhile ago and it was fixed with a firmware update I believe, All is well now…Thanks