Wyze Cam v3 app on iOS keeps forcing vertical mode when sideways. Super annoying

If my iPad or iPhone is in horizontal mode the app keeps defaulting to vertical. Whether I start the app or leave it and come back…it always resets to vertical. It never used to have this problem. Support ticket did nothing. Anyone else running across this problem?

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The Wyze app currently doesn’t support landscape mode, and it never has. Are you saying your unable to view the camera in full screen?

It certainly does work. Just not properly. In the past, the Wyze app always worked in multi-camera and single camera view in horizontal mode. It still works, but if the device is sideways I have to turn it vertical, then back to horizontal to get the multi cam or single cam to switch. It never had this problem before the last few updates. It seems the app is not sensing the current state of the device properly.

The Wyze app on my iPad supports landscape mode and I can view 4 cameras in a group in landscape mode. It starts out in portrait mode and I need to rotate the iPad screen to get landscape mode.
Although it will stay in landscape mode until I turn it off, the next time it will come up in portrait mode and I have to rotate it again.
Like the man said “This is VERY ANNOYING.”

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ESPECIALLY when it didn’t used to do that before. It used to work fine. If the iOS device was in landscape mode and I opened the Wyze app, or switched to another app then back, it would maintain landscape mode. After the last few updates, it’s been “broken”. It keeps automatically switching back to portrait mode.

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We need to bring this to Wyze attention and request that they fix it.
I’m new to the Wyze cameras and community and don’t know how to report this to Wyze.
Can you report this to Wyze so they are aware of it and can fix it?

I also tried to leave a request that Wyze create a Wyze App in the Amazon App Store for the Fire tablet.
I got a reply that said “put this on the Wishlist.”
I don’t know how to do that and don’t know where the “Wishlist” is.

I contacted technical support months ago. I even sent a video of it happening. It improved a little on one update, then broke again on another.

Ok, so you were talking about viewing cameras.

Yea it’s always been a little iffy for me, I don’t usually use it, but when I’m testing right now it seems to work when I rotate it, but if it’s already rotated it defaults to portrait, like you said.

I will tag @WyzeJasonJ so he can see this thread.

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About the wishlist, just create your post in the category of wishlist. Click this: #wishlist and then create a post. This is so others can vote on your suggestion.

There is already a #wishlist request for this, if you follow the link below you will see the spot to vote in the upper left.