Landscape mode in wyze app on ipad does not work

bought v3
shocked landscape mode in app does not work.
so amateurish app
and they want paid plans, unbelievable

Which app are you using. I have app 2.37.2 (1) and landscape works on my iPad. My V3 cams have firmware version

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I’m guessing he/she is talking about the app in general not supporting landscape orientation.

this is not about lawn mowing, you are confusing word meaning.
wyze app does not work in landscape mode on ipad.
i hold ipad horizontally and locked orientation to landscape.
i open app and it changes ipad screen to portrait.
i do not know how better explain.
support told me to install wyze app on ipad from google play store, but cant find such store on ipad

No one is suggesting anything about lawn mowing…

No it does not. If you search the forum you’ll find that this is a long wanted feature that Wyze is ignoring.

Google Play store is for Android devices. App Store is for iOS. No matter what you install it won’t work.

Good luck!

Sorry I didn’t think about the app because it really makes no difference to me. I have 6 or 7 other apps that only work in portrait mode like my banks, credit union, internet security just to name a few.

I hear you. People are to picky in my opinion. Deal with whatever you are given :slight_smile:


and yes all today’s bank apps work in landscape, i am guessing you probably locked orientation.
here one guy talks about mounting tablet to wall, comment #7, how inconvenient:

I want to be able to put a v3 camera outside of a door and connect it to a tv or monitor right inside of the door without having to pay a monthly fee - Cameras - Wyze Forum

just tried that and app forces orientation, meaning does not obey lock orientation button.

perhaps they want people purchase subscription to have landscape mode.


I’m not sure what you are talking about. It works on my iPad and I don’t have subscription except CamPlus Lite at $0

Same here. but I think with no landscape mode he means the app itself with menu, settings, and all that, not the video itself.

That’s what I originally thought, but he kept contradicting everything that Antonius and myself suggested.

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I have V3’s and V2’s being viewed through the Wyze app on an iPad and they all rotate from portrait view to landscape, filling in full screen, without a problem. This may be a silly question, but do you have rotation unlocked on your iPad?

If you mean the application itself not working in landscape, yes, that seems accurate.

I think we are all waisting our breath here. I have a feeling the OP was a troll.

Lets go home folks, the hunt is over :slight_smile:

Since he hasn’t come back to defend his post, I declare that he is a troll :slight_smile: