Wyze app go into horizontal or landscape view?

When i am on my iPad or iPhone and i start off in horizontal mode, when i start the Wyze app, it starts in vertical. And i can’t turn it to horizontal. When i view one of the cameras and go into full screen mode then it will flip the screen to horizontal. But once i get out of full screen mode, it will go back to vertical even if i am still holding the phone in horizontal position.

Is this a flaw in the app or am i doing something wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong - and there is no “flaw” in the app. Currently, there is no landscape support for the app - except group and individual camera modes)

There has never been app-wide landscape mode support for tablets, incl. your (and my) iPad. Makes using the app exceedingly difficult for me, due to a disability. Those with attached keyboards are also adversely affected. Landscape support has been on the Wishlist for over a year now and it’s status is currently shown as Researching. Head over here to vote.

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Thanks, i voted. I’m sure for people with disabilities its must be frustrating. It’s frustrating to me and i don’t have a disability.