Video issue using iphone lately

I’m having serious difficulty replaying recorded video on my iPhone lately. Clips stored on my SD cards are not playing back correctly. Jerky and pausing constantly. 5 different cameras involved. Anyone else having this issue ?

I have a a full night of event videos and they all play back just fine. iPhone SE2020, WYZE app 2.45.5 (4) and iOS 17.0.2. The also work fine on my 4th gen iPad Pro.

Thanks Antonius, This is where stand currently after working with both Apple and Verizon tech support people.;

My Wyze app works perfectly on 2 of my 2 iPads, 3 iPhones and Windows laptops.
However it is sluggish at best with my iPhone 14 (NOT GOOD).
I have determined that if I put the iPhone 14 in Cellular and NOT WiFi, it works great. In WiFi it is terrible.