Playback feature not working

I have sd cards in my cameras. Suddenly I am not able to to review recordings using Playback. When I try to move back on the timeline of a recording using playback on the Wyze app, the app immediately closes. It’s happening on all my cameras. Anyone else having this issue or a fix?

What kind of phone, what phone OS, and what app version (and “the latest” is not a valid answer - give version number)?

I have four V3 cameras and one V3 Pro all recording continuous and have not had that issue with the iOS app 2.47.0 (6). iOS 17.1.1 on both iPhone and iPad.

Have you tried clearing the App Cache and re starting your phone?

Yep. Tried that but it didn’t help.

IPhone 12. IOS 17.1.1. Wyze firmware