V3 cams cannot view playback since 2.23.16 (iPhone 12 pro)

I noticed tonight when I went to check playback on one of my v3 cams that stopped recognizing the SD card at some point. I am on an iPhone 12 pro, which is on FW 14.1

I have the same Samsung sd card in all of my v3 devices, so I checked the others cams which also could not playback.

I downgraded to app version 2.23.11 and checked again. I was able to view playback on all devices except one. Sometimes however, it took several attempts of “tapping view playback” before I could get past the “No SD card detected” pop up. I’ve never had this issue before.

I am able to view events in cam plus for the cameras regardless of app FW. I can confirm there is nothing wrong with the sd cards (I pulled them all out and tested on two separate PCs to make sure). I cannot get my one V3 cam to read any SD card now.

I created a log, which is log #: 267269

If you could offer any assistance it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Not much help, but FWIW… I’m not having any issues viewing SD playback on v3 cams, but all of my iOS devices are running iOS 14.7.1 and Wyze app 2.23.21. My v3 cams are running firmware and all have Samsung PRO Endurance SD cards. Hopefully someone at Wyze will be able to determine what went wrong from your log file.

Yeah me too. It’s not the first time I’ve had random issues with the sd card “randomly disappearing”. It used to happen all the time on the Pan cams

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Recently started to occasionally get that error. It’s a PITA. Closing then reopening the Wyze app usually fixes it.
Andoid App 2.23.21 just installed, errors were on prior app

I have Wyze SD cards in all my cams…and this issue seems to be extremely constant. One day…2 cams are working with SD fine - the next, one is and one isn’t, which requires me to eject, inject, restart and then surely…the other one goes. Then another. I’m getting really agitated with the unreliabability. Everything is updated, these cams have been out for so long, how is it that this issue exists still? Has someone figured out a permanant fix?

Haaaaalp SOS! lol

Dang, it sucks others are having issues too, but at least we know it’s not an issue on our end

I honestly don’t really know what the issue could be besides bad connectivity on the actual contact points of the microsd cards. I will honestly probably resort to tearing down one of my own cameras and reverse engineer the problem at this point. It seems like it’s something that has plagued these cameras for a long time and will continue to do so.

If I were to make an educated guess, the quality of the contact material inside the sd port just isn’t there. It could be due to Wyze trying to keep the costs low to make them available to a broader market, which makes sense from a business standpoint. It makes people more reliant on their cloud services.

If money wasn’t so tight right now with everything going on, I would most definitely spend the money and build a closed loop, self hosted system.

I’m having this issue repeatedly. Cam 3s with 32gb HE cards.

What I’ve noticed is as the cards get up to the full range they just stop recording instead of overwriting like they used to. Once the cam thinks the card is full it just thinks there is no card installed. I can reformat the card (in camera) to get it to record again but when it gets full it stops. These cameras are 20+ feet up so its a complete PITA to change the cards. Obviously you lose all the data when you reformat.

I contacted support and they had no answers other than to check here.

You’re right.
This is the same issue I’m having. It’s incredibly frustrating to the point I’m ready to sell my cameras and go elsewhere. They’re going to give a damn when there’s customer base slowly dwindles.

8 micro sd cards over the span of 4 months.

This is ridiculous,

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