Wyze app 2.50 - Released 3/25/2024

We are releasing the 2.50 app today! This has added the ability to snooze Event Video notifications and improved the Friendly Faces experience. We have also added support to login using Facebook and Amazon.

:notebook:Read our Release Notes:


I just got the 2.50.0(437) on my android Pixel 6a.
Seems like V3 cameras (not Pros) are taking a long time to connect on group view.
I did the sign out/in and cache clear too.
Maybe others are getting the new version and doing the sign/out/in too?
Seems to be leveling out now.

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Language bug has been fixed.
Took you almost a year… but you made it! :partying_face:


I checked in the new Android app version 2.50.0(437) on my Pixel 6a, and they fixed the crashing of the app when going into the spotlight setting on the V3 Pro.

Also the floating window icon is now available on the V3 Pro in the dark theme!

I still see the stuttering playback in event videos when using Cam+ unlimited and “record sound” OFF under advanced settings on V3 and V3 Pro cameras though.

Great progress!
Thanks Wyze Developers!

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I thought there was a little more lag-on-loading, too. Not sure, though. You know how that goes. :slight_smile:


Didn’t fix playing back the SD card from the events page on my newest V3. :pleading_face:


What is the difference between the « new » and the « oldest » because I don’t have your issue with v3s and iOs 2.50.0(17)?

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I have Five V3 cams and the newest one I got in March of this year is the only one that will not play back the SD from the events page, it will playback the SD from live view just fine. All the cameras have exactly the same firmware (.8391). The V3 that Installed in February 2024 needed the firmware updated six times, the newest only needed four times?
There are a lot off post on the forum of other users having the same issue.
I am using iOS devices on 17.4 and just update the app to 2.50 from 2.49, no difference.


Didn’t fix my issue with the slow-motion live view on my video doorbell v2.
Group view is fine. Single camera view it takes 4 seconds for each second on the time stamp. Software version:


I just installed the Android app V2.50.0 (437) last night.

I have had the Cam Plus Unlimited plan for a little over a year now (its a great deal).

I was just browsing through the App, and went to the Account page, then to Services, and as I remember, across the top, it used to show various services/subscriptions in a horizontally scrollable list, like Cam Plus, Cam Protect, Home Monitoring, etc, but now only shows Cam Plus Unlimited (I only have Cam Plus Unlimited, but it used to show them all anyway).

And if I remember, it used to list the cameras that were assigned to the Cam Plus Unlimited subscription license, that you could add/remove cameras to. But the rest of the page is now just empty, with a “COMING SOON …” note at the bottom.

If I log in to my account on the web (not in the app), and I go to services, I can find my Cam Plus Unlimited, and it lists the cameras and I can add/remove cameras from my subscription, but this used to be in the app in 2.49.

So where is the list of the cameras assigned to my Cam Plus Unlimited subscription in the app now?

Is this now only available in the web account page?

Who knows what they are up to. I have iOS and it says the same as yours. ? We need for @WyzeMatt to wake up from his nap and provide some info. :grin:


haha, well I can’t say anything more about what is coming next, but essentially we eliminated the need to assign licenses to cameras if you have the Unlimited plan, that’s all done for you in the backend now.

Lots of customers bought CPU but never assigned it to cameras. We wanted to fix that.


Well, I asked about it in the AMA anyway! :rofl: Maybe if enough people vote on the question, someone at Wyze will approve to give us some hints and details because the event says we can ask you guys literally “ANYTHING”…so now we’re asking. :rofl: Here guys, go vote for Wyze to answer something about it anyway:


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The AMAs are worthless. Even the CEO ignores user issues that are brought up there. Still no sharing controls after years of “looking into it”. My wife can’t even view SD card recordings without logging on my profile. But, hey, we’ve got dark mode now for whatever that’s worth.

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I see things very differently. AMA’s have been awesome and “wishes” are complex. I know we get frustrated when our preferred wishlists aren’t implemented, but I know that it is definitely not the case that they aren’t listening or reading them, because I speak with employees a lot. I know Wyze actually does read the wishlist. The Wishlist in particular is synced by Jason with their internal system. It is also discussed by employees and employees review it sometimes even if they aren’t commenting and influencing particular requests in one way or another. I remember one example I was talking to an employee for the first time a year and a half ago and she told me she was really excited to actually talk with me. She said she’d seen my posts all over the forums, etc and even though she, herself, didn’t post anything in the forums, she did read a bunch of stuff. So I had no idea who this person was at all, but she felt like she already knew me from reading through the forums a lot. It was really interesting. Jason and others have confirmed many times that other employees do read things in here.

I also actually brought up the SD card sharing issue in one of the AMA’s. One of the cofounders answered me directly. He indicated they haven’t been “ignoring” this issue at all, but that they have purposely chosen not to allow sharing the SD due to security and liability concerns. When you “share” a camera, they want to make sure that the new account is only ever able to view events that happen AFTER the share takes place because there are people who use these for lots of different purposes and not all shares are with a spouse. Some might be businesses or sharing with babysitter or any number of other considerations and they need to make sure that people who get the camera shared with them can only see events starting after the share takes place. They can easily do this with the cloud events, but just giving them access to events that happened in the previous days. However, if they shared the MicroSD card, then shared users would be able to access all the footage that exists on the card, including files from before the share. There are complications with that and they said this is why they haven’t changed the settings. It is absolutely not that they “ignored” the desire of some users (including myself) to have this.

I did end up giving the founder several solutions to overcome this objection, and he said he hears me/us and that Wyze will consider such things. Who knows. But even then, User requests have to be considered in light of multiple variables.

When this was brought up to the VP of product in an AMA, he said, regarding the wishlist:

We look at [the wishlist/roadmap] with the team every week

There are many things that decide whether or not a wishlist is implemented, and there most definitely are wishes that get granted specifically because of the suggestion being put on this wishlist.

That’s not to say that all wishes will be implemented. In another thread I listed a bunch of things that generally go into considering user requests/votes for things:

I guess the overall point is that they DO read the wishlist, and they do listen, but there are a lot of things to consider for each wishlist request and deciding which ones get priority over the THOUSANDS of other requests when they have limited resources. Asking in AMAs helps, voting and commenting in the thread can be helpful and are one of the variables that matter, but there are several other considerations too. If every user posted and told Wyze they wish they would make a magical flying unicorn and they didn’t do it, wouldn’t mean they didn’t “listen” though. They care what the community wants, but there are also many other things to consider.

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What does Reset Services actually do? iOS app.2.50 bottom of settings.


Click and you’ll find out :rofl:


You first


Click the green info icon. It rebinds the service (Cam Plus, etc.) between backend and cam. Funny though, Reset Services button is displayed even if cam has no assigned subscription. Maybe it’s a UI placebo. :grin: