Wyze Cam V2 Keep Disconnecting and won't re-connect unless I unplug power and back

I have 2 Wyze Cam V2 that are purchased at least 6 months apart so they are not on the same batch. 1st camera was purchased early 2019 and the second was purchased during Black Friday 2019. The first camera started to disconnect about 4 months ago and I have to unplug it and plug it back in for it to re-connect to my WiFi. The second camera started doing the same thing about a month ago. I don’t think that it is related to my WiFi connection as they don’t happen at the same time. 1 camera is within 18 feet from the gateway and the other is within 8 feet from the mesh extender so both have strong signal.

I have tried switching them and moving them into different location and used different power cable but it is still the same. It will work for a day or a couple of days then will disconnect. The only time I will know it disconnected is if I check the app and it will say offline or if I noticed the blue light blinking in the back of the camera when I turn off the light at night.

I have 4 reolink outdoor security POE and a WiFi zmodo greet doorbell and they stay connected. I have been waiting for a Wyze Doorbell so I can replace my 760P zmodo but I am worried that this will also be an issue with the Wyze doorbell after a year or months of use.

Wyze should make a firmware update to make sure that the camera stays connected or if it lose a connection that it will be able to re-connect itself and will not need help by unplugging the device and plugging it back in.

How long have you had your camera and did you experience the disconnect issue? If so were you able to fix it and how?


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Did it happen after updates (firmware and App)
your is ios?

did you updated your router?


Hi @chrisghemm and welcome back. Have a few questions,

  • What is the version of firmware on each of your V2’s
  • Is the zmodo the only other WiFi client, aside from your cell phone?
  • Are there other WiFi devices in close proximity to V2 cam?
  • The blue light blinking is Cam connecting to network. So have you tried looking in the DHCP router log when this happens and see if the Cam (MAC address) has been assigned an IP adddress? Is it being refused by the V2?
  • What is the signal strength indicated in the Wyze app for these V2’s when they are working fine?
  • Have you tried manually flashing the firmware with a uSD card?

I have not had a problem with disconnecting on my V2. I’ve unplugged and moved and they stay connected or automatically reconnect if network goes down. On my setup have a reserved IP address for each device based on its MAC address.

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