New v3Pro goes offline - is this normal?

I have 2 cams - an older v3 and a brand new v3Pro. The Pro is constantly going offline, even while viewing it. The v3 never does this, and it’s much farther away from the router. The v3Pro is exactly 12 ft. from the router, direct line of sight with nothing in between.
It takes a good 5 or more seconds to connect whereas the v3 connects immediately. Oddly, it seems to be recording some events, but not everything.
Did I get a bad camera? I want to figure it out before the return window closes.

Welcome to the forum @Jonah_W!

Not all sure what you have done in your troubleshooting thus far, but a few suggestions.

Make sure you are on the latest firmware for the V3 Pro and the latest Wyze App.

If you have not physically restarted the camera give that a try.

If you have not rebooted your home router/wap in awhile I would also suggest doing so when you have an opportunity.

If all of the above has been completed or verified and you have the same results with the camera I would suggest reaching out to Wyze support.

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My v3 pro does the same thing. Intermittently. And goes off line when activating the siren sometimes too.

How are you powering the camera? With the included power cord and cable?

Makes me think its a power issue. Check the power brick to make sure its a 2a. What type or USB cable is powering the camera?

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