Why do two of my v3s keep going offline requiring a power cycle?

The two v3s that are going offline are outdoors and are powered by 1 Wyze power adapter that is indoors. My third v3 is also mounted outside in another location plugged into it’s own Wyze power adapter and never goes offline. All 3 are running the current Firmware Version:

Is this likely due to the fact that two are being powered by the same power adapter or more likely to be a Wi-Fi issue? These two cams are not any farther away from my Wi-Fi 6 router than the other one and are actually probably a little closer. No other devices in my home ever go offline, even a smart plug that is plugged into an outlet in my detached garage which is definitely farther away from the router than the two v3s in question.

Anyone have any idea what might be happening here?

My thinking is the one power brick can not handle powering two cameras or possibly if you are using a USB extention cord that might be too long in length causing an electrical drop.

You might try plugging in the cameras that goes off line one at a time to the indoor cord and power brick (no extention) and test if the camera still goes off line. Good luck.

I would agree with StevenA. sounds like a power problem.

I’m thinking of ordering this 24W power adapter.
Of course I’d only be using one port since the 20 foot USB cable is split at the camera end. You guys think this is worth a shot?

Here is a 25 foot cable that says it is compatible with the Wyze v3. Still makes me nervious to use a cable 25 feet long. You might try powering one camera then add the second one if the first camera works on the long cable. For 7 dollars, it might be worth a try.

I would give it a try to rule the adapter out.

I had a camera die and another that would go offline randomly, but that one still would work. Both were ran off of 1 adapter and 2- 25 foot cables. The one that died was on one port of the power adapter. A new power adapter and no problems for over a year now, on both cameras. That is with the 25 foot cables. Now I did run each camera off of a different port on the same power adapter, if you follow.

I wound up going with this power adapter but it didn’t resolve the issue. Based on your similar experience I’m now considering running a 2nd cable (which is what I’ve been trying to avoid) and plugging them into separate ports of the new adapter. I’ll update this thread if and when I decide to make the change. Thanks for your input.

Update: I finally decided to take the time to run a second 20’ cable and I’m happy to report that neither of those two cameras (v3s) have gone offline since then. This was done on August 2nd so almost 2 months now since I made this modification. :+1: The two USB cables are plugged into the dual port Anker power adapter I linked to in my last post.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that the time I spent running the 2nd cable proved to be worth the effort and thought it was worth updating my results in case anyone else is having a similar issue.

Glad you figured it out. Thanks for posting. Nice to know the outcome. Maybe one port did not have enough power for 2 cameras.

Or with double the current, the voltage drop was too much with one cable.