V3 offline

I have a v2 and a v3 about twenty feet from each other. The v3 constantly goes off line. I have tried power cycling, resetting modem, and deleting camera and reinstalling. I’m leaning towards it not liking having an SD card. I have tried 3 known good cards. V3 works ok-ish when no sd card is present…worked great for a month with the sd card and camera was brand new. HELP!

Unfortunately, I have the same issue. v3 having connection issues regularly, mostly error 90, but sometimes others. And, I have 3 v2 cameras that are always connected.

Same issue here. This camera is at my Mom’s house at the other end of my state. Absolutely not convenient to debug given the distance. Very frustrating.

I have the same issue, it keeps going offline after 5 minutes or so. This is wyze cam v3 . It does not matter if SD card is in or not, any ideas/solutions ?

Things I have tried:

  1. reset and did a new setup, deleting both the camera on app and new setup procedures.
  2. unplug and plugging it back in,
  3. updated to latest version of firmware and also Wyze app updated as well.