Now my V3 Pro keeps going offline after the outage

On the bright side, my live view from my phone was fixed.

Not sure if it’s related to the outage but now for the past two or three days my only V3 Pro keeps going offline in the afternoon or at night. The only way to get it back is to pull the power from it.

It’s ironic that the most expensive Wyze cam I have is also the most problematic, by far.

Any ideas?

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I’ve not seen any issues directly with my V3 Pro. The sub router I use to view it has a stability issue that can affect the app streaming however. The cam is attached to another wifi AP and a switch that is not using that specific router.

Any number of things however are possible in your situation. I can’t and won’t state that it has to be the cam itself. But, it could be for you.

However, more expensive sure but still cheap and still prone to software development bloat bugs and issues, online cam means more problems are possible, and more. Means they will see problems of varying possibilities. You’d need a cam that offers little to no features and has a good stable offline foundation to see a normal high stability that you cannot get here.

my bcp started work this morning but it is on lan.
i have old v3 in remote location and that one loses connection within 24hrs after power cycling.
i have weird impression that when i go to power cycle v3 someone is watching me :slight_smile:
could be china? nsa?
reluctantly i accepted connectivity issues are beyond wyze control.
what wyze might do is offer us vpn service for cameras, similiiar like apple did for safari browser

I’m pretty sure it’s the camera. I have almost 20 other cameras from Wyze and Ring, and one of the Ring cams is literally right next to this V3 Pro watching the same area. It’s the most important area to watch so I doubled up on the cameras to have redundancy in case this very issue happened.

The Ring has not had any problems. None of my other Wyze cams have had any issues either.

This morning I restarted my router and all mesh access points and when I left my house the V3 Pro was online.

I get to work and now it’s offline and of course, no way to reset it from work.

Is this Wyze’s way of getting me to buy some Smart Plugs so I can power cycle the camera remotely every day?

I’m going to try replacing it with a Cam OG I have sitting unused at the moment.

The way it’s looking I think I will be replacing all my outdoor cams with Ring and use Wyze Cam Pan V3s (because of the privacy mode) to watch the inside.

I’m having the exact same issue. It was working fairly well prior to the outage with a rule to restart the camera every night. I have a Wyze v3 that doesn’t have any issues, compared to the v3 PRO! Very frustrating considering this is supposed to be the ‘PRO’ edition.

I too am having this issue with my V3 Pro. All 15 other V3s are working without any problem but the Pro keeps going offline. I’ve had to put a schedule on the smart plug it’s plugged into to power cycle it every hour.

I gave up on Wyze. I replaced the Pro with an OG and ended up with the widely reported problem of not being able to access it remotely. Still giving Wyze the benefit of the doubt I replaced the OG with a V3, which promptly lost Pet detection along with all my other V3s.

I posted about it here but no one from Wyze bothered to respond. I then created a support ticket with them and after a few emails back and forth they told me that 1. They didn’t believe me, 2. They didn’t know how to fix it, and 3. Even though the V3s are under warranty and they can’t fix them, they will not honor their warranty and replace them with cameras that have functioning Pet detection.

The V3 Pro, OG, and V3 and now sitting in my Wyze junk box with my old V1s and V2s. I’m more than halfway through replacing all my Wyze junk with Tapo cameras.

Sorry Wyze, you were once a good company and I stuck with you through outages, security breaches, etc, but your customer service, reliability, quality, and security have turned to complete crap. Good riddance. I pay for an annual Cam Plus Unlimited subscription which expires next January. I will keep using the few cameras that actually still work but once the Cam Plus sub is up, I won’t be renewing.