Random siren activation (Cam Floodlight)

The other day I installed a new Wyze Cam Floodlight. A little bit ago I heard what I presume to be its siren randomly going off. It wasn’t until I manually hit the off button in the app that the siren turned off. I wasn’t outside for it, but assumed that the siren noise was coming from my camera given how loud it was. It sounded like a series of different tones.

I have no rules applied for the siren whatsoever (verified in the settings of my two existing rules), my 2FA is turned on, and there’s nothing in the rules history page either. I didn’t have the app open when it went off and the siren wasn’t showing as active when I opened it to check. My firmware is also fully up to date on both the camera and floodlight.

Possibly related to this, I also had someone leave my house about 30 minutes prior but it didn’t set off my person detected notification. It didn’t even record it as a motion event.

Great news! It just happened again.