Wyze Cam Floodlight siren triggering randomly

Our Wyze Cam Floodlight siren keeps triggering in the wee hours of the morning. Yesterday it alarmed for more than an hour from 4-5am. This morning it went off several times for a few seconds at 3am.

We did not have any rules for the siren, should be no reason for it to turn on. Maybe it is the cold weather (upper 20’s)? Today I created a new rule to turn OFF the siren when sound is detected, hopefully this will minimize the nuisance.

Support asked for a factory reset, I will try this but I have my doubts this will fix anything. Can’t think of any reason we really need a siren. I wonder if the speaker can be disconnected? I am sure the neighbors are really annoyed.

Is it showing as the siren is on in the app, or do you have to power cycle it to stop it?

It stops by itself. I have not looked at the app while it is unexpectedly going off (asleep).

Do you have 2fa enabled on your account?

Also, check rules history to make sure there aren’t any ghost rules

I did not find any ghost rules. Good catch 2fa was not set up, it is set up now. Did a factory reset, and covered the speaker holes with duct tape to decrease the volume.


Alright, if it happens again you could try to contact security@wyze.com so they can check if someone has access to your account but enabling 2fa should kick them out

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