Wyze cam siren goes off at 10pm every day

I have reset the camera a few times. Deleted reconnected, reset the base, and it still goes off @10pm. Annoying, any advice?

Look at the video and see if there is something happening consistently at 2200. For example, the neighbor’s front porch light or yard light getting turned off; a neighbor pulling into or out of their driveway causing headlights to sweep across your yard, etc.

Contact Wyze support. If it happens at 10pm every day even after you deleted and setup the camera from scratch again, you might have what’s called a “Ghost rule.” It could also be any number of other things. Contact support. They will probably have you try some standard troubleshooting you’ve already done, but just get through it. When done, I expect they will pass your situation on to “tier 2” so some of the engineers can take a look (this part won’t be done over the phone), including the rules engine team to ensure there is no “ghost rule”…one way or the other they’ll figure out how to help you. I’ve personally had really good experiences with support. I recommend using the email contact, though they have chat and phone too if you prefer that.


I relocated the cam to a corner, so it sees nothing, and it still went off last night at 10 pm.

Have you setup any rules for any of your cameras?

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