Rules not working after being triggered once

I just got my cam pan v3 and was attempting to set a rule where once the camera detects motion the siren would sound. I was testing it but it only works the first time. I had to delete the rule and creat it again for it to be triggered.
Does anyone know how to fix it??

Since im posting, I also had a problem with the camera notifying me of movement outside the selected area where its only supposed to notify me. Any help would be great!

In its simplest, the rule only needs, if detects motion, do turn on alarm, and enabled. Depending on how you’re testing that, I believe its an app feature (not set on the cam itself), so it should only run when you get a motion notification and at no other time if I’m correct. There may be a cool down period, etc.

I only accidentally had that same thing enabled before and disabled it without actual testing but it did go off multiple times.

And of course, if its definitely not a set on the cam thing, then any communication issue in there between the app, the cam, the events, etc could cause it to also fail.

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It would help to see a screenshot of the rule to make sure that the trigger and action are correct.

But, if you are using Motion Detected as the Trigger and Turn on Siren as the action, the presence of a Motion Activated Upload Event Video to your account on the server will trigger the siren. The siren, by default, will only sound for a maximum of 30 seconds (if my memory serves me right).

All rules are administered on the server, not on the cam or the app on your phone. Rules have to be triggered by the upload of a video from the cam.

If your cam has no subscription, or it is subscribed to Cam Plus Lite, there is a 5 minute cooldown lockout period between Motion Activated Upload Event Videos. This is imposed by the cam thru the firmware. So, if you are subject to a cooldown on the cam, it will not upload within the 5 minutes after the initial rule triggered the siren and therefore cannot trigger the rule again until after the 5 minute cooldown period. Cam Plus has no cooldown period.