Notification rules not working Cam Pan 3

Can somebody please help me troubleshoot my rules not working? I’ve attached a few screen shots. Got a new cam pan 3. Set it up to Record Motion Events > All Motion Events (trying to see what kind of animal is getting on my boat at night). Since I don’t want to see notifications during the day, I set a rule called “mute day” that turns off motion detection and notifications between sunrise and sunset. It’s not working. I still keep getting notifications for every little motion it senses during the day. What am I doing wrong? (This camera is called “Boat” in the screenshot below)

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At a glance the rule looks to be set up properly.

Is this only happening on Cam Pan V3 or on the WCO as well?

Did you look in the rule history to see if it failed?
Have you tried specific times in the rule vs sunrise and sunset (just for testing)

I have replicated your rule and settings to see if the rule executes as defined.

Thanks so much for the reply! It’s just happening on the Cam Pan 3, not the WCO. I didn’t realize there was a rules history, I’ll check and see if I can find that. Also, I’ll try specific times to see if that changes anything.

Just to be clear, I don’t need another rule that says turn ON motion detection and notifications at sunset right?

I’d also recommend to slim down your actions. You can remove the “turn on notifications” and “turn off notifications”. Because when your cam isn’t set to detect motion, it won’t send any notifications. It only sends notifications when it detects motion. So having that action also is redundant.

It’s like thinking you need to turn off you car radio when you shut off your car and turn it back on when you start your car. When your car is off the radio isn’t in anyway so no need to have that extra control.

For your issue, I’d say for troubleshooting you can try changing the start and end time (not sunrise and sunset) and see if it works then.

Are the two screen shots of the rule the same rule? Or two different rules?

Great point…I removed the notifications part of the rule, thank you. The screen shot is of the same rule, just couldn’t get it all on one screen.

I did have another rule that set the opposite of the one I displayed…turned ON motion detection and notifications at sunset and turned them off at sunrise. I’ve since deleted that rule since I think I’m gathering that it wasn’t necessary.

By the way…if you add a rule at 10am that says turn off motion detection at 6am and turn it back on at 6pm every day, do you need to wait till 6am the next day for it to take effect or does it take effect immediately? (hopefully that made sense)

You do not, the rule you have setup will inverse at the “stop” time

That’s probably the issue… If you had an opposite rule it was probably cancelling out the first rule.
At Sunrise
Rule 1 turn it off
Rule 2 turned it back on
=No change

Then the same at sunset

OK, I made all the recommended changes and we’ll see how things go. Thanks for all the help!

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