Notifications & smart detections…

My smart notification settings all reset earlier. I noticed my indoor Pan cam also restarted on its own today bc it spun around which scared the buhjeezus out of me. My notifications continue to go off for things outside of the smart detection zones. All of this started right after my indoor pan cam restarted.

Highly irritating how unreliable this system seems to be. After the last issue in February with people accessing others cameras, I’m so paranoid someone has access to my camera when this stuff happens! Of course there’s nothing posted anywhere about what may have happened earlier to cause this.

I’ve noticed something similar the last couple of days. In my case I think I know what happened. It seems like Wyze has removed the ability to filter what you get notifications for. For my front door I had it set to DETECT vehicles but not send notifications so that I’d have recordings to view if I needed, but not get spammed by cars going by on my street.

Now I don’t have the ability to remove vehicle NOTIFICATIONS. It’s an all or nothing kind of deal it seems.

Awful experience. I am getting spammed with vehicle notifications now.

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Also having this problem.

Not sure if it’s same or related but today all my cameras switched their motion detection ON, even if i did not have a rule in place or hardly ever set them on.

Something may have happened on wyze’s back end that triggered ALL my cameras to suddenly start detecting motion on their own. I went back and manually disabled the motion detection on cams that don’t need it and I’m monitoring if my rules will kick in and enable motion on the cameras that need it at the set times.

My cameras ( BCP’s and Wise Cam 3’s ) all reset their detection and record settings today. Plus - I had zero events recorded from 10:54 through to this evening after I reconfigured the settings on all of my cameras. Very weird and time consuming and I nly have 7 cameras operational at this time. I can only imagine someone with more :frowning: Hopefully this does not happen more often as I am starting to depend on these cameras for security now.

I have had 7 V3’s for about two years now, and just picked up two V4’s. Over the years I’ve noticed every once in a while that the notifications would sometimes get completely reset from time to time. No real explanation as to why…the toggles would just randomly be all messed up, and I’ve had to go through one by one to fix them all. This is still happening with two four day old V4’s. After the 3rd day, I noticed the toggles completely reset themselves. Very strange

I have also noticed that Smart Detections on the BCP’s no longer seem to work. I will give them time to see if perhaps they already know this issue is out there and see if it works tomorrow. I am getting very random event recording right now which is not optimal for security :slight_smile:

This just happed to me.
All my cameras lost their smart detection settings at around 5:02 PDT today (5/8).
See this thread also: V3's Changed Smart Detections on Their Own!

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My 2 bcp’s spontaneously ceased recording and recognizing events yesterday. I have sone all sorts of reconfiguring to no avail.

If i delete a d then re-add, I get exactly one event, and then it stops.

It seems as if it enters an infinitely log cooldown period.

I did manage to get my BCP’s working somewhat and recording events, but I had to turn off Smart Detection Events and turn on All Events in the Event Recording Tab. Then in Customize Recordings, I could select what I wanted for event recording. Not Cool, but it is a work-around.

I also got an ad in my app telling me I can etend my recording time by signing up with Cam Plus. However - I am already on the Cam Unlimited plan :slight_smile:


I tried your method for the bcps, and it does work. My v3xs and brand new v4 all work properly.

I believe thst wyze broke something in the bcp when they rolled out the cam unlimited support on their back end.

A few days agi they had me send in a system log from my bcp. I have heard nothing from them since.

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So glad it helped… I also sent in system logs on all three of my BCPs as well. I am hoping they get that resolved. What is interesting is that the BCPs still record events to the SD card when set to smart detections, but will not upload to the web. I agree that the issue was caused when they rolled out the new Monitoring Tab on the Web Portal.