WARNING: don't setup monitoring tab unless you want all your notification settings reset

This may be old hat for folks, but after receiving the confusing Cam Plus Unlimited to Cam Unlimited email today I went into the monitoring tab to check it out and it keeps promoting to setup home / away / disarmed settings… Which apparently wipe out your individually configured notification settings per camera.

While at some level that makes sense, it is a disjointed and frustrating experience. Every Wyze “upgrade” seems to add confusion both in the poorly worded announcements and features that don’t work together well.


“Cam Plus Unlimited users will automatically be transitioned to Cam Unlimited”

Looks like another round of bugs and uncertainty.

This morning my lone installed V4 switched from “Auto” night vision mode to “Off” on its own.

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Interestingly this happened to me and others yesterday before the announcement.

In my case it toggled/reset both notifications and event recording settings.
I set everything back yesterday.
After seeing the announcement this morning I checked out the monitoring tab but did not “set” anything up. And wouldn’t you know it within minutes I had all sorts of cameras sending me notifications that had all been previously turned off. The only difference from yesterday is that it was just notifications being toggled on. Event recording settings seemed to have not been effected.
This was across the board for all of my cameras with the exception of a couple of OG cams. Not sure why they were not effected.
While this kind of makes sense that this just started with the new monitoring tab features, it is still a major PITA.

Thanks Wyze.

FYI I am a Cam + Unlimited subscriber running v2.50.5(449) on Android.

Yup. Same exact experience here… Had to spend an hours getting everything back the way it’s supposed to be. This was a huge oversight from Wyze. Quite frankly, I don’t understand why there are two completely different screens for notifications now… and setting up one will overwrite the other… With absolutely no warning! I can understand that if you want to use the arm/disarm system, then they need to know which cans you want notifications from…but surely there has to be some kind of way to preserve your individual cam settings. This has opened up a whole new set of issues…

Don’t you love how Wyze makes our lives easier. NOT!

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So how did you get back your cams to work? I’m having trouble getting mine that were assigned to the monitoring service to go back to send push notifications like they did before.

I can confirm all my cameras are working otherwise, detecting events properly and recording them no problem; but yet they don’t send me any push notifications when an event happens.

I would also like to know. I can’t get my cameras to go back to the way that they were. Insanely frustrating getting belted with notifications all morning with the only option to turn them all off now. I’m getting notifications outside of my detection zones as well. This can’t be the way that it was supposed to be.

I haven’t had any trouble reconfiguring my cams after this issue. I have had multiple cameras stop recording events and sending notifications entirely until I reset them and re-added them in the app, but that was unrelated to the monitoring mess

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I did the following and it seems it has worked, cameras are back and operational as I had them prior to the update. Not sure if they are working because I changed the options or the Wyze servers are finally getting fixed about this Unlimited snafu so I am posting as reference for others, as always YMMV,

  • In the Monitoring section, remove all cameras except for one. The camera you leave in the monitoring section will be affected by the ongoing no notification bug. I have a camera offline for the time being so I set it to that one as the only single camera being monitored.

  • For each individual camera I manually switched the Motion detection on and off, i.e. if the camera has motion detection ON and you want it ON, switch to OFF then ON.

  • For the Event monitoring section of the detections, toggle one of the options on and off. The goal is to make a change that is registered by the cam.

  • If a camera is still not sending notifications after this, select it in the app and in the options for that camera select restart camera. That should in theory be the last step.

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Thanks for that… I was still getting my notifications on those few cameras where I wanted them, My issue is that all my Battery Cam Pro’s no longer record events on the Web View through Cam Plus when set at Smart Detections rather than All Motion. Interestingly enough, they do record events on the SD card, but will not record events to the Web View… That all started around noon on May 8 2024

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I have the same issue, so now I had to record all motion events to get it working

And you’re right, it must have started on May 8th. I don’t have any events recorded after that on the Battery Cam Pros