V3's Changed Smart Detections on Their Own!

Today I discovered that all 10 of my V3 camera’s had changed their Smart Detection Events settings on their own. I have 9 that are set for Person, Pet and Vehicle, and one set for Person and Pet. But somehow today all the camera’s were set for Person, Pet, Vehicle and Package.

Why are there so many software issue’s with Wyze camera’s? So now do have to check my settings on a daily basis?! Please Wyze stop adding new features, stop making new products, just fix your software! It’s not my router, my account hasn’t been hacked…it’s your buggy software!


It could be an app UI bug and not actually set (just looking like it was). You’d have to have tested the changes when they were changed to know which way it was.

(I agree. All they should work on is security and stability/polish. But, companies normally push features as the thing that sells and it does do that. A ton of people will only buy something because it has this or that feature. Its what it is.)

Mine did the same and I noticed my indoor Pan cam restarted on its own today bc it spun around. My notifications keep going off for things outside of the detection zones now. I had to mute notifications bc my phone is going off ever minute detecting things outside of the detection zones. All of this started right after my indoor pan cam restarted.

My cameras did record events that it had changed, that I never set or wanted to be recorded. So yes it was actually set and what got my attention because I had so many new events for things I never said it to record. And it labeled those recording to the changes it made. Wyze is pushing features that don’t work well, to sell these cameras. It’s basically falsely advertising that these features actually work and they don’t. Their business philosophy is quantity, not quality. There used to be a time with companies encouraged quality, times have changed.

I’ve having the same issue. I’ve reset the settings back to how I think they were. I’ve rebooted and reset cloud services. I’ve even physically power cycled some. I still don’t know if it’s working correctly.

It’s like Pets aren’t detected any more on some cameras but others are fine. I had a rabbit on camera that came up as a vehicle but then later when I went back to events it said vehicle and pet.

I clearly don’t understand why we are having these types of issues unless someone is a careless programmer.

I have had 7 V3’s for about two years now, and just picked up two V4’s. Over the years I’ve noticed every once in a while that the notifications would sometimes get completely reset from time to time. No real explanation as to why…the toggles would just randomly be all messed up, and I’ve had to go through one by one to fix them all. This is still happening with two four day old V4’s. After the 3rd day, I noticed the toggles completely reset themselves. Very strange

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This just happened to me.
I just spent the last 45 min. resetting all my smart detections on EVERY SINGLE CAMERA. All event recording smart detection settings were toggled ON. If event recording was off, they were turned ON.
If notifications were off they remained off, but if they were on they were ALL turned ON.
This is for ALL of my cameras; V4, v3, v3 pro, v3 pan, floodlight v2, floodlight pro, battery cam pro, OG cams.
As near as I can figure this all started about 5:02 PM PDT today 5/8.
Yeesh. :angry:

Damn you people! :wink:

I could’ve lived in happy ignorance without reading this thread.

Now I see that most of my smart detection settings are different from what I thought I had left them set at.

Well, at least now I know there’s one case where I’m not imagining things… :upside_down_face:

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Is it possible that we can get through a year without Wyze’s buggy software screwing things up?!

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I have been out of pocket for a few days, and I just found this thread today after noticing ALL my cameras had switched to “Smart Detection” (under event recording)!
ALL my V2, V3, and V3 Pro cameras had been set under EVENT RECORDING to “All Motion Events”.
Today I looked and saw they were all “Smart Detection”, except the BCP and the doorbells (V1 and PRO).

I have notifications turned OFF at the global level, so I did not notice it had turned ON notifications for ALL cameras too. No telling how much network traffic this caused.

This is a serious issue!
I probably missed out on a LOT of action for the last 14 days.
Thank goodness it did not mess up the detection zones too.
I have no idea what other changes got made behind the scenes to my camera settings.

Can someone direct me to the main thread where Wyze mitigated this disaster?

Wyze, Please do more testing before unleashing the Kracken on your customers.

Thanks very much!

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I experienced your issues, so I feel your frustration with Wyze. If only they could focus more on these things, instead of constantly pumping out new products, then we wouldn’t have to complain about it all the time.

I just noticed this as well. It happened to me yesterday May 21 at around 11 PM (EST) when my V3 cameras switched to “All Motion Events” based on the motion events I’m receiving.

For those of you who experienced this, can you report what app version you have and whether you are using iOS or Android?

My initial hypothesis is that this issue is related to the iOS 2.50 app version.
I am curious if it is affecting everyone or a subsection of users and what the similarities are.

Also, can some of you submit app logs and post the log number in here. I’ll see if I can get this passed on to someone since it is obviously not an isolated incident. I am relying on your reports in here because the issue isn’t affecting me, so I can’t really help report anything, but I will see if we can get this shared with someone to look into, though I suspect there isn’t much they can do about the existing app version having already affected you, hopefully they can help make sure this doesn’t happen on a future update.

Every time Wyze puts out a new app update it screws something up. They clearly don’t know how to test the updates first. Having customers send logs is time consuming and their process for doing it is not easy. And then you have contact someone again and give them the log number because apparently making the log the first time doesn’t seem to go to anyone.

Oh and by the way, I’m still waiting for Wyze to fix the app freezing issue on iOS devices. Why is it taking so long?!

I did get a chance to ask an engineer about logs in one of the AMAs:

Logs never go to anyone specifically upon submission. They are not the same as opening a support ticket. They are a reference number. They also will rarely to never get a “response”…they are solely for the use of devs to help them look into what could be the source of an issue. Generally you give the log number to a support agent and they send it on to a specific dev.

When I ask for logs, then if I receive them and any other adequate information I requested, it means that if I receive what I requested, I intend to pass on the issue and those logs to an employee who can get them to the right dev to look into. It’s absolutely always okay for anyone who wishes not to submit a log or answer questions that are first needed for me to pass their issue on to an employee, or if someone wishes to go through support instead.

I have long known you don’t like submitting logs. I respect that. This is why I did not ask you for a log for me to send to someone when I first read your post here on the evening you first submitted it, as I knew you would not submit a log for me anyway and I would thus not have one to pass on to the devs, and my asking would not bring any benefit to the situation at that time. So my recent request for logs was not directed toward you. I already knew your stance on that after many conversations together. :+1: I don’t mind.

However now there are many other people who have also reported this issue, including someone who DM’d me about it to make sure I paid closer attention to this issue, so I now know it’s definitely not an isolated incident and I suspect it is much more likely that at least some of the others having the issue will be willing to submit a log and information that I can pass on about the issue you’re all reporting to hopefully help make it more likely to find the issue and get it resolved. That is why I am asking now.