Anyone else notice a huge uptick in false positive events?

I hadn’t changed my detection area nor any other settings on my v3 pro cams in weeks and almost never get false positive events but suddenly over the past few days I’m getting person detected when cars are passing by on the road. The detection area doesn’t cover the road but is close enough that the bounding box around the cars enters the zone and causes an event. I don’t even have vehicles turned on on that cam. Also getting pet detected when there is nothing visibly happening on other cams. The problems are occurring on multiple cameras and occurring on every single car passing by on that one. I had to significantly change the detection area to stop the flood of events/notifications and now I’m afraid I’ll miss true positive activity. I think there is a bug in the new firmware. It was working just fine before.

I find the AI detection almost useless. Cams either don’t record to settings, or record for no reason.

Wyze is going down the toilet

V3 Pro has not had a firmware update since 16 January 2024.
My V3 Pro works just fine set at person, pet and package. I have Vehicle turned off and it doesn’t record vehicles. I also have no detection zones set.

My V3 has started recording everything and anything that moves, including any shadows and branch movements. When I look at events, it is almost an endless list of recordings. What happened to being able to select only people, or vehicles in order to avoid recording the movement of shadows and branches ? I cannot block out those areas as they are right on the front porch where I want to capture actual people or vehicles in the driveway.

Wyze AI isn’t ready for prime time. I get bugs as cars. Plants as pets. Bushes as people. On and on. Hundreds of videos a day.
I send in some videos in hopes AI will learn what’s what and get better.

Well - Perhaps I should not have said anything… All Event Recording stopped last evening at 8:26 EST on May 24th… Why ??? Now instead of getting everything, I am getting nothing !

Interesting, This morning 5/25 I find my Cam Plus was not working.
Are we tagged as trouble makers?

Okay - that was weird ! I found there was an update that came out yesterday for my BCP Cameras. After I updated them, they started to record events once again. The weird part is that after updating my BCP Cameras, My V3 camera started recording events once again as well ?? Strange…