2 Issues discovered ---- V2 V3 Cam

Something I have discovered

#1 V2 Cam
Pet Filter Button,
I see no detected security videos
Even though a cat is detected when viewing events without the Pet Filter

Uncheck Pet Filter Button
Cam v2 detects, and records (cat) going through room as Motion

It wont detect 2 cats in the same room, only 1 at a time, even though there are 2 in a room

  • Basically Pet Filter is not working
  • And it wont detect 2 pets in the same room
    ( haven’t checked if this also applies to 2 people in the same room)

#2 V3 Cam
When it snows out
The camera we have in our front window of our home drastically detects more cars passing when snow is on the ground

I receive a lot more alerts and recordings,
compared to when there is no snow on the ground.

It has snowed 3 times in the last few weeks and waited and watched this to make sure
So there is more alerts when there is snow on the ground and cars passing in front of our home.

Kudos on the 30 Second Advance addition/update

Please see the couple of threads about broken Notifications. This is a system-wide problem happening to numerous people. My “Pet” notifications broke a while ago and are simply being tagged as Motion. On a couple of my cams, all of my AI events are broken. And notifications in general are completely schizophrenic. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

In the last 4 weeks Wyze has created a massive mess with notifications and AI tagging. They have claimed several times “it’s fixed…” but obviously, it’s not.

Thank you for reading and responding to my post.

My status has not change since you had responded, or since I had posted.
Other than now one of my v3 cams lost it cloud function today.

To me, Cloud based services are not the answer, and should be a secondary function, or a backup function.
Seems that if there is an issue error on the cloud, it takes down or disrupts a lot of users.

I had posted with the Cam Cat issue weeks back but have since noticed it wont detect more than one cat in a room either, which raises the question would it detect more than 1 person too but haven’t tested that. And then there is the PET filter that no longer works.

Notifications overall, some days I receive many, some days it drops to nothing, but events are still recorded,

I guess patience is the best option at this point

I have 2 cameras in my backyard and for some reason stopped recording animals traversing the property. I have track all over my yard yet neither camera picks them up. They do pick moving branches, even the exhaust from the clothes dryer sets them off. Very frustrating.

To me, it seems the issues, have to do with the latest updates, as months back, it detected the cats that strayed through the yard,

It detects 1 cat in our home, but not 2 in the room at the same time.

Just in the last few days a possum in our yard was recorded but not detected.