Cam V3 Pet detection suddenly not working. What happened?

Since the outage last month I’ve had nothing but problems. My Cam V3 Pro started going offline every day so I replaced it with a Cam OG. The mount didn’t work for my purposes and I needed a black camera instead of white (not Wyze’s fault of course) so earlier this week I replaced the white OG with a black regular V3.

As of a couple of days ago, that new V3 and another V3 I have which are both watching areas where pets often go, I think out of between 15 and 20 or so recordings containing pets, the cameras have tagged “Pet” once. And this was with two dogs about 3 feet from the camera.

One of the V3s is new so I don’t have much previous data to go by but the other one has been there for over a year and it would detect pets every single time out to 20 feet away which is as far as it sees because there are shrubs there.

The cams I replaced, the OG and the V3 Pro which overlook a much larger area would both reliably identify pets out to 40+ feet. But the V3 I put in their place has not detected a pet correctly since I installed it.

We’ve had a lot of coyotes here recently and one of the things I rely on the Wyze cam for is to alert me when there is a coyote outside - the OG, V3 Pro, and other V3 would tag them as “Pet” to about 95% accuracy.

But for the last several days, nothing, just generic “Motion” (or Person if a person is there) which is useless to me because I only have those cams set to notify me for people or pets, otherwise I get an alert every time a leaf blows by or the wind moves a branch.

Did Wyze do something to their pet detection?

Come to think of it, a third V3 watching a different area also hasn’t tagged any Pet events lately even though people walk their dogs there all the time too. But that one’s not as important for this because coyotes don’t go there. ::EDIT:: Perfect timing - as I was writing this post, someone walked past this third V3 walking two large black Labradors about 15 feet from the camera. It did not tag them as Pet, just tagged Person and Motion. So, Pet detection is completely broken.

And in case I can’t get this fixed, what other cameras have good Pet/Animal detection? I’ve already been placing Ring cams next to some of my 15 Wyze cams and the almost daily issues with Wyze are getting very old so I’d consider replacing the two V3s that are no longer detecting Pets with yet a third company’s cameras since Ring doesn’t do pet/animal detection.

Since I created the thread all three V3 cams have had plenty of dogs walk past them. These same dogs have always been detected as Pet before but now, nothing, just Motion and Person.

I went into the settings and made sure Pet is toggled on in the Smart Detections settings, I even toggled it off and back on, I removed and re-added the cameras to Cam Plus but this wasn’t the problem because they are detecting People and the cam facing the street was detecting Vehicles without any problems. Anyway, none of this worked. Still not a single Pet detection from any of my V3 cams.

But my indoor Cam Pan V3s are correctly tagging my dogs inside the house as Pet.

Update - so one of the V3s has managed a couple of Pet detections when my dogs were about 4 feet away. The other two, nothing.

I’ve come to actually need pet detection on one of the cams, which happens to be the one I just bought to replace the V3 Pro that broke and kept going offline. If Wyze can’t fix this on their end by the weekend I’m going to send it back and replace it with the white OG (I’d really prefer a black one for this location) that wasn’t having any issues.

Wyze? Any solution for this? I also posted on Reddit and a couple of people mentioned that they were also having problems with pet detection the last few days.

Anyone? Wyze?

I posted this question on Reddit and a couple of other people responded that they are also having the same issue with their V3s. It’s not isolated to me.

All of my V3 cams and the V3 Pro tag “Pets” all the time. I also have four of the battery powered WCO v1 cams also on cam plus unlimited and they tag the same critters as motion 85% of the time.

My V3s used to tag Pets (dogs, coyotes, raccoons, foxes, cats) until a few days ago. Now out of the three V3s in question only one has managed to tag a dog as a Pet and that was only one time out of probably 25 events at this point.

This morning there was a large coyote outside and it only tagged it as Motion. Fortunately I looked at the clip before going outside with my dogs because it was still there. I had to run outside and chase it away with a strobe light.

Normally it would have tagged it as Pet and alerted me. But since I only have notifications set for Person and Pet, it did not notify me. I only thought to check the camera because my floodlights turned on so I knew something was out there.

It’s really getting annoying.

Is anyone from Wyze listening? Pet detection on my V3s is still completely broken. I need it fixed

Second thread on this problem. A while ago the three V3s I have watching areas where pets and animals walk have stopped identifying Pets. All they identify when animals are in the video is generic Motion.

I need Pet detection for these cams because of coyotes, not to mention I’m also paying for the service so it’s only fair that I receive the services I’m paying for.

Creating support tickets with Wyze has not been helpful in the past for other issues. They usually end up being closed without my ever receiving a reply so all I have left is this forum.

Is it possible that Pet detection was somehow turned off for my account?

Since the outage I’ve had my V3 Pro die (started going offline every day so I tossed it in the junk box), unable to access my OG Cams from work (tossed one on the junk box and replaced it with a V3, which promptly lost Pet detection), and my V3s losing Pet detection. To say I’m frustrated and annoyed would be an understatement.

So, is anyone from Wyze here and listening, and if so, can you please fix my broken Pet detection on my V3s?

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Dear Wyze, is anyone listening? I am no longer getting replies to emails for the support ticket I created. I submitted all the logs and info that was requested of me.

Your last email amounted to “well, maybe a firmware update might fix it at some point in the future.” After that, no more replies.

Sorry, not good enough. If you can’t fix Pet detection (that I’m paying for) on my V3s, it’s time for you to replace my broken cameras.

This is beyond ridiculous already.