Wyze Cam V4. Can anyone confirm whether Pet detection works on it at the moment?

Has anyone tested Pet detection on the V4? I have four V3s on which Pet detection stopped working about a month ago. I need Pet detection on three of them but one in particular is critical because it watches the area where I take my dogs out and we have coyotes there. I need a cam to alert me when a coyote is present.

Over the last month I have come to really dislike Wyze but I have a lot of money invested in their products and need Pet detection on at least one of the cams. Since Wyze can’t/won’t fix or replace my broken V3s, I’m willing to grudgingly buy one V4 to replace the most critical of the broken V3s just to I can have Pet/coyote detection if someone can confirm that Pet detection actually works on them.

First of all, pet detection has nothing to do with the camera. All the smart AI is in the Wyze servers - not the camera. The camera only detects motion (by some percentage of pixels changing from frame to frame), and uploads the video to the Wyze servers for AI processing.

And for whatever it’s worth, pet detection is working fine for the one V3 camera that I make use of that - there is a water dish on my front porch for the assorted critters that stop for a drink.

Good to know. So then it seems to be something with my account which Wyze hasn’t been able to figure out or fix. But…Pet detection does work on my Cam Pan V3s (only used for watching the inside of the house) so it must be something else. It also worked on my Cam OG but I had to take that one down and replace it with a V3 because I could no longer access it from work (same issue others are having accessing OG cams from outside their home network).

I just need a cam that detects pets and can be accessed from outside my home network. The V3s and OGs don’t do both of those things, at least not for me.

If the V4 does, I’m open to buying just one.

Pet, Person, Vehicle and Package detection are working great on my Cam v4s. Testing the various flavors of sound objects now…


Pet detection is not working on my v4.

Sorry to hear that. After the horrendous support I received from Wyze and them flat out telling me they would not honor their warranty even though they couldn’t fix the problem I reluctantly made the unfortunate decision to dump Wyze and move to another brand. I already have a few Ring cams so I offloaded some of the work to those and am replacing the rest of the Wyze cams with Tapo cams. Out of 16 Wyze cams I now have only 7 still active. The rest have been replaced by Tapo and Ring.

Thanks for replying. I came here to see if others are having this issue or if it’s just me, I haven’t contacted Wyze about this issue yet but probably will so they know there’s a problem. My other cameras, V2s and V3s seem to still detect pets/animals. I subscribed to Cam+ just so the spotlight would turn on when it detects an animal, but since it doesn’t detect pets, the light doesn’t come on.
Good luck with your new cameras

Installed V4 outdoor camera a few days ago and it detects my pet fine. So far, so good. FYI, I did subscribe.

Pet detection has been between flaky and entirely broken broken for me lately (past few weeks?) on multiple different devices, including three battery cam pros, a v3 and a wired doorbell cam. I’d normally have cats, rats, raccoons and birds detected.

My v4 is detecting pets at least some of the time, but isn’t in a spot where I pay much attention to that and it is new so I don’t have a before/after comparison for it.

Cam plus unlimited.

It sucks that so many people are having this issue and even more people are having the issue where they can’t connect to their cameras from outside their home network.

Wyze has completely ignored the last 4 or 5 emails I’ve sent them following up on my support ticket to see how they are going to fix this for me.

I won’t be buying any V4s though. My project to replace all my Wyze cams is going very well and I am now down to just 2 Wyze cams left.

I just sent them an email asking for a full refund of my Cam Plus Unlimited subscription I renewed in January and a refund for all the V3s and OGs I have that are not working properly and they refuse to fix or replace.

Next step will be the BBB and the state AG’s office.

I hate to be a “Karen” but advertising features that don’t work (Pet detection and the ability to view live streams from outside your home network) and charging for services that they are not providing to paying customers (AI detection, in this case Pet detection) is fraud as far as I’m concerned.

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