Cameras were changed to "Smart Detection Events" only without permission!

I realized yesterday evening for the last several weeks that my Wyze cameras (4 v3 cams and 4 OG cams) were not picking up any movement, especially at night. Checked the camera settings last night and 5 of them had been set to “Smart Detection Events” instead of “All Motion Events” as I have all my cameras set to.

I have the Cam Unlimited subscription.

This is a major change and was done without my knowledge and without even asking me. I’ve now missed many events on the cameras the last several weeks due to this, which is the reason I have them in the first place to monitor people trespassing on property.

Is this a known “feature” / issue? And why is Wyze doing this?

Quite a few similar reports after the changes with Unlimited a few weeks ago. I doubt it was intentional, but more likely something slipped a bit here or there.